Why Homosexual Unions Are Not Marriages

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The legal recognition of marriage, including benefits associated with it, is not only about personal commitment, but also about the social commitment that husband and wife make to the well-being of society. It would be wrong to redefine marriage for the sake of providing benefits to those who cannot rightfully enter into marriage.

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It should be noted that some benefits currently sought by persons in homosexual unions can already be obtained without regard to marital status. For example, individuals can agree to own property jointly, and they can generally designate anyone they choose to be a beneficiary of their will or to make health care decisions in case they become incompetent.

In her desire to care for the dignity of people experiencing same-sex attraction, the Church does offer practical support. For more information on where to find support in the Melbourne Archdiocese, see the where to find support page of this website. Used with permission. The Third Way. Why marriage can only be between a man and woman. Marriage is not something we invent or change to suit our own purposes.

Please contact sales dnncorp. Subscribe to E-news. Why can marriage exist only between a man and a woman? Why is a same-sex union not equivalent to a marriage? What unique contributions does marriage between a man and woman make to society? Ideas about marriage have changed over the years. Isn't same sex marriage just one more change? If people of the same sex love and care for each other, why shouldn't they be allowed to marry? What difference would it make to married couples if same sex partners are allowed to marry?

What support does the Church provide to people with same-sex attraction? Desire of the Everlasting Hills This short film shares the very human struggles and journeys of three Catholics who courageously share their experiences of living with same-sex attraction. Honestly and candidly told, Desire of the Everlasting Hills illustrates the universal search we must all face — where or in Whom do we ultimately find peace and joy?

What does the Catholic Church really teach about same-sex attraction? A Supreme Court press spokeswoman said that the court agrees with the administrative court that current regulations do not allow for same-sex marriages to be legally performed in Latvia. However, the matter should have been considered in a context not of marriage, but of registering familial partnership.

Furthermore, it would have been impossible to conclude whether the applicants' rights were violated or not unless their claim is accepted and reviewed in a proper manner. In November , the Supreme Court of Nepal issued final judgment on matters related to LGBT rights, which included permitting same-sex couples to marry. Same-sex marriage and protection for sexual minorities were to be included in the new Nepalese Constitution required to be completed by 31 May In October , the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare constituted a committee for the purpose of preparing a draft bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

On 17 October , a married same-sex couple filed an action of unconstitutionality seeking to recognise same-sex marriages performed abroad. As the Supreme Court was deliberating on the two cases, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled on 9 January that countries signatory to the American Convention on Human Rights must legalise same-sex marriage. On 16 January, the Panamanian Government welcomed the decision. Vice President Isabel Saint Malo , speaking on behalf of the Government, announced that the country would fully abide by the ruling. Official notices, requiring compliance with the ruling, were sent out to various governmental departments that same day.

On 14 February , a bill legalizing same-sex marriage was introduced in the Peruvian Congress. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling regarding the legalisation of same-sex marriage in countries that have ratified the American Convention on Human Rights applies to Peru. Same-sex marriages and civil unions are currently not recognized by the state, the illegal insurgent Communist Party of the Philippines performs same-sex marriages in territories under its control since President Rodrigo Duterte supports the legalization of same-sex marriage, but feels that such a law may not pass in Congress yet as many are still influenced heavily by colonial-era Christian ideals.

He also supports same-sex civil unions, which has a higher possibility for passage and is supported by the majority of congresspersons. On 19 June , the Supreme Court of the Philippines heard oral arguments in a case seeking to legalise same-sex marriage in the Philippines. On 5 June , the European Court of Justice ECJ ruled, in a case originating from Romania, that same-sex couples have the same residency rights as different-sex couples, when a national of an EU country gets married while resident in an EU country where same-sex marriage is legal, and the spouse is from a non-EU country.

In December , the eco-socialist United Left party introduced a bill amending the definition of marriage in the Marriage and Family Relations Act to include same-sex couples. In January , the Government expressed no opposition to the bill. In February , the bill was passed with 11 votes to 2. In March, the Assembly passed the final bill in a 51—28 vote. On 10 March , the National Council rejected a motion to require the Assembly to vote on the bill again, in a 14—23 vote.

Opponents of the bill launched a petition for a referendum and managed to collect 40, signatures. The Parliament then voted to block the referendum with a clarification that it would be against the Slovenian Constitution to vote on matters concerning human rights. Finally, the Constitutional Court ruled against the banning of the referendum 5—4 and the referendum was held on 20 December In the referendum, In July , Kim Jho Kwang-soo and his partner, Kim Seung-Hwan, filed a lawsuit seeking legal status for their marriage after their marriage registration form was rejected by the local authorities in Seoul.

On 25 May , a South Korean district court ruled against the couple and argued that without clear legislation a same-sex union can not be recognized as a marriage. Their lawyer, Ryu Min-Hee, announced that two more same-sex couples had filed separate lawsuits in order to be allowed to wed. In December , a South Korean appeals court upheld the district court ruling. The couple vowed to bring the case to the Supreme Court of South Korea. A same-sex marriage bill is pending in Parliament after the Green Liberal Party of Switzerland , [] introduced a constitutional initiative to legalize same-sex marriage in December , in opposition to a Christian Democrat initiative banning same-sex marriage.

In March , the Swiss Federal Council released a governmental report about marriage and new rights for families. It opens the possibility to introduce registered partnerships for different-sex couples as well as same-sex marriage for same-sex couples. This initiative would change article 14 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and aimed to put equal fiscal rights and equal social security benefits between married couples and unmarried cohabiting couples.

However, the text aimed to introduce as well in the Constitution for the first time ever the definition of marriage, which would be the sole "union between a man and a woman". In April , the Supreme Court announced it would hear a lawsuit that seeks to declare Article 44 of the Civil Code unconstitutional for outlawing same-sex marriage. In Vietnam, currently only a marriage between a man and a woman is recognized. Vietnam's Ministry of Justice began seeking advice on legalizing same-sex marriage from other governmental and non-governmental organizations in April and May , and planned to further discuss the issue at the National Assembly in Spring The Vietnamese Government abolished an administrative fine imposed on same-sex weddings in Although same-sex marriages are not permitted in Vietnam, the policy will decriminalize the relationship, habitual privileges such as household registry, property, child raising, and co-habitual partnerships are recognized.

In June , the National Assembly began formal debate on a proposal to establish legal recognition for same-sex marriage. The decree took effect on 11 November On 27 May , the National Assembly's Committee for Social Affairs removed the provision giving legal status and some rights to cohabiting same-sex couples from the Government's bill to amend the Law on Marriage and Family.

On 1 January , the Law on Marriage and Family officially went into effect. It states that while Vietnam allows same-sex weddings, it will not offer legal recognition or protection to unions between people of the same sex. The terms of employment of the staff of international organizations not commercial in most cases are not governed by the laws of the country where their offices are located. Agreements with the host country safeguard these organizations' impartiality.

Despite their relative independence, few organizations recognize same-sex partnerships without condition. The agencies of the United Nations recognize same-sex marriages if the country of citizenship of the employees in question recognizes the marriage. However, the World Bank does recognize domestic partners. Civil union, civil partnership , domestic partnership , registered partnership , unregistered partnership, and unregistered cohabitation statuses offer varying legal benefits of marriage. On a subnational level, the Mexican state of Tlaxcala , the Dutch constituent country of Aruba and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom allow same-sex couples to access civil unions or partnerships, but restrict marriage to couples of the opposite sex.

Additionally, various cities and counties in Cambodia and Japan offer same-sex couples varying levels of benefits, which include hospital visitation rights and others. Additionally, fifteen countries that have legalized same-sex marriage still have an alternative form of legal recognition for same-sex couples, usually available to heterosexual couples as well: Argentina , Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brazil , Colombia , France , Luxembourg , Malta , the Netherlands , Portugal , South Africa , Spain , the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

Female same-sex marriage is practiced among the Gikuyu , Nandi , Kamba , Kipsigis , and to a lesser extent neighboring peoples. However, this is not seen as homosexual, but is instead a way for families without sons to keep their inheritance within the family. In Nigeria, homosexual activity between men, but not between women, is illegal.

In , Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo introduced legislation that prohibits same-sex marriages and criminalizes anyone who "performs, witnesses, aids or abets" such ceremonies. Among the Igbo people and probably other peoples in the south of the country, there are circumstances where a marriage between women is considered appropriate, such as when a woman has no child and her husband dies, and she takes a wife to perpetuate her inheritance and family lineage. While few societies have recognized same-sex unions as marriages, the historical and anthropological record reveals a large range of attitudes towards same-sex unions ranging from praise, through full acceptance and integration, sympathetic toleration, indifference, prohibition and discrimination, to persecution and physical annihilation.

President Obama's Views on Same Sex Marriage

Scientific literature indicates that parents' financial, psychological and physical well-being is enhanced by marriage and that children benefit from being raised by two parents within a legally recognized union either a mixed-sex or same-sex union. As a result, professional scientific associations have argued for same-sex marriage to be legally recognized as it will be beneficial to the children of same-sex parents or carers. Scientific research has been generally consistent in showing that lesbian and gay parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents, and their children are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as children reared by heterosexual parents.

All states that allow same-sex marriage also allow the joint adoption of children by people of the same sex, with the exceptions of Jalisco, Nayarit and Quintana Roo in Mexico. Some additional states allow stepchild adoption by those who are in a same-sex relationship but are unmarried: Croatia , Estonia , Italy on a case-by-case basis , Slovenia and Switzerland.

A gay or bisexual man has the option of surrogacy , the process in which a woman bears a child for another person through artificial insemination or carries another woman's surgically implanted fertilized egg to birth. A lesbian or bisexual woman has the option of artificial insemination. When sex is defined legally, it may be defined by any one of several criteria: the XY sex-determination system , the type of gonads , the type of external sexual features, or the person's social identification. In any legal jurisdiction where marriages are defined without distinction of a requirement of a male and female, these complications do not occur.

In addition, some legal jurisdictions recognize a legal and official change of gender, which would allow a transgender male or female to be legally married in accordance with an adopted gender identity. In the United Kingdom, the Gender Recognition Act allows a person who has lived in their chosen gender for at least two years to receive a gender recognition certificate officially recognizing their new gender. Such people are then free to enter or re-enter civil partnerships or marriages in accordance with their newly recognized gender identity.

In Austria, a similar provision requiring transsexual people to divorce before having their legal sex marker corrected was found to be unconstitutional in In Quebec, prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage, only unmarried people could apply for legal change of gender. With the advent of same-sex marriage, this restriction was dropped. A similar provision including sterilization also existed in Sweden, but was phased out in In the United States, transgender and intersex marriages typically run into similar complications.

In the United States of America before the case of Obergefell v. Hodges , couples in same-sex marriages could only obtain a divorce in jurisdictions that recognized same-sex marriages, with some exceptions. There are differing positions regarding the manner in which same-sex marriage has been introduced into democratic jurisdictions.

A " majority rules " position holds that same-sex marriage is valid, or void and illegal, based upon whether it has been accepted by a simple majority of voters or of their elected representatives. In contrast, a civil rights view holds that the institution can be validly created through the ruling of an impartial judiciary carefully examining the questioning and finding that the right to marry regardless of the gender of the participants is guaranteed under the civil rights laws of the jurisdiction.

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Sexual orientation. Homosexuality Bisexuality pansexuality polysexuality Asexuality gray asexuality Demographics Biology Environment. Social attitudes. Prejudice , violence. Academic fields and discourse. Queer studies Lesbian feminism Queer theory Transfeminism Lavender linguistics. The examples and perspective in this section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, and Domestic Partnerships

You may improve this section , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Further information: LGBT rights opposition. See also: Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States and Public opinion of same-sex marriage in Australia. Indicates that same-sex marriage is legal in certain parts of the country. Indicates that the country has civil unions or registered partnerships. Indicates that same-sex sexual activity is illegal.

Main articles: History of same-sex unions , Timeline of same-sex marriage , and History of homosexuality. Main article: Timeline of same-sex marriage. Main articles: Status of same-sex marriage and Same-sex union legislation. Marriage open to same-sex couples rings: individual cases. Legislation or binding domestic court ruling establishing same-sex marriage, but marriage is not yet provided for. Same-sex marriage recognized with full rights when performed in certain other jurisdictions. Civil unions or domestic partnerships. Limited legal recognition registered cohabitation.

Local certification without legal force.

Cultural ideals of marriage and sexual partnership

Limited recognition of marriage performed in certain other jurisdictions residency rights for spouses. Country subject to an international court ruling to recognize same-sex marriage. Same-sex unions not legally recognized.

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No recognition of same-sex couples. Same-sex sexual activity illegal but not enforced. Same-sex sexual activity illegal only for males. Same-sex sexual activity illegal for males and females. Main article: Recognition of same-sex unions in Costa Rica. Main article: Same-sex marriage in Denmark. Foreign marriages recognized as marriage in Israel, with unclear rights in Estonia. Main article: Same-sex marriage in Ecuador. Main article: Same-sex marriage in Finland.

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Marriage not performed except by amparo despite supreme-court order. Marriage accessible by amparo or by traveling out of state. Main article: Same-sex marriage in the Netherlands. Main article: Same-sex marriage in New Zealand. Limited recognition of same-sex marriages at the federal level, no territory level recognition. No recognition. Homosexuality illegal. Main article: Same-sex marriage in Norway. Main article: Same-sex marriage in Portugal. See also: De facto union in Portugal.

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Can Catholics Support Same-Sex Marriage?

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But views are largely unchanged over the last few years. While support for same-sex marriage has grown steadily across generational cohorts in the last 15 years, there are still sizable age gaps. But there were some differences, too. The first nation to legalize gay marriage was the Netherlands, which did so in Since then, several other European countries — including England and Wales, France, Ireland, all of Scandinavia, Spain and, most recently, Austria, Germany and Malta — have legalized gay marriage.

And in May , Taiwan became the first country in Asia to allow gays and lesbians to legally wed. Note: This is an update to a post originally published April 27, A global snapshot of same-sex marriage.