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Error: please try again. Immortal tyrant Kortan raids a village for slaves.

Young Quentin MacLeod and his mother are killed in the attack but Quentin soon revives. Immortals Ramirez and Mangus help him and his kid stepsister Clyde find their captured clansmen. S1, Ep2. Ramirez takes Quentin and Clyde to his old friend Stevenson, a brilliant Immortal scientist who lives in a defunct hydroelectric power plant turned library and possesses the knowledge of electricity. But something doesn't feel right. S1, Ep3. Quentin's Dundee clan is attacked and robbed by a gang of raiders led by Mohar, an evil thug who has found a working machine gun.

Quentin steals the gun to retrieve his clan's stolen supplies but becomes tempted by its deadly power.

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S1, Ep4. Ramirez takes Quentin and Clyde to an old mining complex to meet his Immortal friend Erol, an expert in explosives, oil and mining. However, they only find Erol's traumatized, delusional and unhinged mortal assistant Melvyn there, who has, in his madness, convinced himself that he too is one of the Immortals. He abuses their trust to trap them in the mine, kidnaps Clyde thinking she's his dead daughter and takes her with him to Mogonda on a suicide mission of revenge to kill Kortan with Erol's explosives. S1, Ep5.

During a severe thunderstorm, Ramirez, Quentin and Clyde are forced by Kortan's pursuing forces to hide in the Iron City, a gigantic abandoned aircraft carrier shipwreck that lies in the middle of a desert. Kortan himself arrives to fight Quentin one on one.

During their battle, Quentin is temporarily blinded by lighting but fights on. S1, Ep6. BPI Communications L. Highlander: The Series. Season 1. Episode 1.

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Highlander: The Complete Watcher's Guide. New York: Warner Books. Archived from the original on 11 November Retrieved 26 April Electronic Media. Crain Communications Inc. Episode Braun McAsh, in Russell, Maureen Archived from the original on 20 May Retrieved 18 February Reed Business Information. Retrieved 23 March IGN Entertainment, Inc. Retrieved 18 October Archived from the original on 16 February Retrieved 28 April Legendary Heroes. Davis Merchandising Corp.

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DVD box set. List of Highlander: The Series episodes. Thomas J. Dan Gordon.

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Witnessing them, Tessa realizes to her dismay that Duncan can be challenged and beheaded at any time. Duncan, knowing that he cannot flee the Game, expects her to leave him for her own safety. Duncan beheads Quince and leaves the town. Connor advises Duncan to "watch" Richie, and tells Tessa where Duncan is. Accepting the danger, Tessa reunites with Duncan.

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Immortal Lucas Desiree Victor A. When MacLeod comes to town to investigate the death, he realizes Leo is innocent and, with Richie's help, saves Leo from being lynched by the townspeople. MacLeod then fights and beheads Crowley. Richie's friend Gary dies in a bank robbery.

When MacLeod and Richie see his body at the hospital, they notice strange marks on Gary's forehead. MacLeod remembers those marks are an after-effect of the potion made by his immortal friend Kiem Sun Soon-Tek Oh , which gives people enormous strength and makes them ignore pain. MacLeod defeats him and spares him.

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Duncan is knocked out. The Frasers yell at each other a little.

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Claire and Jamie make up, and it carries over into the very blue bedroom. When Jamie catches Randall trying to rape Fergus, the duel is back on. Jamie is thrown in the Bastille for dueling.

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Claire springs him by asking a favor of the king. Realizing France was a verra, verra bad idea overall, the Frasers plan to return to Scotland. Episode post mortem interview with Caitriona Balfe here. Lord John Grey, who will be important next season, is introduced.