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Can't You Hear My Heartbeat

And as she struggles to understand her old brother and his hang-ups about his own sexual orientation, she taps into her own burgeoning sexuality, too. My Heartbeat won the Printz Award, which is a pretty impressive feat.

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It was recognized mainly for it's brave exploration of homosexuality and how it impacts our three protagonists, which is interesting, because that is not what Freymann-Weyr set out to do. As she's said :. I had set out to write a novel of loyalty and betrayal, to examine how little we know the people we love.

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Since several of my teachers, many of my parents' work colleagues, and three of my best friends in college were gay, I had never really thought about homosexuality as something other than a fact, albeit one with its own history, culture and struggle. It didn't strike me as being central to the book, and yet it was the novel's treatment of Link and James' sexual desire that most readers found interesting.

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  • Quite often there is a gap between the book that is written and the book which is read. Regardless of her intent, Freymann-Weyr wrote a book that has resonated with millions of teens across the world.

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    How could it not? Sexuality and the conundrums it presents are a key part of growing up for pretty much everyone.

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    The book is a tender examination of prejudice, acceptance, and unconditional love that continues to ring true today. If you or someone you love is gay, then caring about My Heartbeat is basically a no-brainer. After all, it gets up close and personal with some of the harder parts of growing up gay particularly back in the early s , taking a hard look at how prejudice works and exploring its impact on people's lives. But what if you feel like you don't really know any gay people? Why should you care about this book? Well, here's why: Gay people exist.

    Like, big time. And even if you think you don't know anyone who's gay, chances are pretty good you actually do.

    Dreams that come and go This is one that I found forever I know Been crossing my fingers and always hoping for it to come true. Waiting for the train I can see a face in the distance again Got a little dream that's become a friend and a reality. And I'm running just as fast as I can to tell you the news We can do this together, we can, yeah me and you When you hold me I can see This is exactly where I wanna be You're the harmony to my heartbeat, baby.

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    Dreams that come and go But I just kept doing what I loved, even though All I ever wished for was out of breath, running so slow. I found the lock and the key Now I can be everything I've wanted to be Got a little dream that's become a friend for the melody. When you hold me I can see This is exactly where I wanna be You're the harmony to my heartbeat, baby. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter.

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