Breaking The Chains - From Worship To Warfare

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And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The Lord, he is the God; the Lord, he is the God. Iam a single Mother from Uganda, i request for intervention from other catholic prayer groups to help me breakthrough monitoring spirits of blockage, rejection and barriers. Father I thank that you for me enough wake me and my family this day and I thank you for leading me to this website. It has been a blessing this morning. Dear Father in heaven, I thank YOU for every step in my life, I thank you for my health, my family and everyone sorrounding me. I pray that you forgive me for whatever I did wrong in the past, I pray that your presence to be with me every minute in my life.

Thank you for all the dreams that you are giving me, I know some people didnt have a luck to meet their dreams. Forgive for our sins, thank you in advance amen. Dear father Lord in heaven.. Can you please stand in a gap for blockers of my marriage proposal whenever i find someone who wants to commit, he will just leave me for another woman and financial leakage, money just get finished within no time. Please pray for me against the spirit of poverty,blockage and chains. And Also this is the second time two people close to me have had dreams seeing me dead First dream i was involved in money ritual through some friends Second dream i was shoot dead by a military officer since my country is in war right now.

Please i call upon you to pray with me on this. Pray for my son, he needs deliverance from the bad influence from friends.

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He needs to take his studies more seriously. Several investors we met into our offices from none of them have invested in our company.

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We are property developers, with many property development projects. Within those projects our aim is to build orphanages, home for elders, churches, in different provinces. We are a kingdom-based company, we loved GOD we all our hearts, we pray as a team in the mornings, everyday my challenge is I feel that there is a spirit of delay, i want to help my family the needy the poorest of the poor. I pray that every satanic embargo against your business be lifted in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. Ask God to reveal the root.

Cut it down by repenting and confessing any known or unknown sins. My brother your prayer is working. Please listen to the holy spirit well. He talks to you almost all the time. I hear him and bring a testimony. In Jesus Name. Prayers for me and my family we are under spiritual attack at work please help us break the chains that hold us from our potential. Please pray for me and my wife we have been attack by the devil with all kind of blockage and barrier, we need a way out. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, be liberated, experience grace, clarity, wisdom, and blessings from repentance.

In the wonderful name Jesus Christ, experience grace, relief, provision, revelation and wisdom, repentance. Hi…prayer for me…I feel like my blessings have been blocked…my prosperity and for my business succeeding.

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Pray for me so that God to break the spirit of rejection, loneliness and blockage of my blessings. Please pray for my success in life.. I praise You my dear Almighty and everlasting Father in Heaven. Dear God,I ask You today,Please help me to break every chain and set free from all evil spirit in my life. I rebuke every thought or negative word spoken against me and my family. In the name of Jesus Christ,who give me strength.

I am blessed today and set free from all evil spirit. I thank Thee Jesus. I love Thee Jesus. I shall follow Thee Jesus,everyday of my life.

The Battle Cry-Copper/Gold/Bronze Lame-Flag

What a wonderful prayer. May the Lord our God grant you all the desires of your heart. Great man of God i want you to be giving prayers bullets to destroy enemies who are against my blessings and my future even my children things are not working out for me i am a believer please man of God help me please. Please pray for my family against the spirit of disappointments ,failure,sickness ,premature death stagnation and the spirit of not getting married —.

Please pray for my son every strong hold on him for , smoking, drinking and Anger to be broken in Jesus name guide him lord in your way Jesus in name amen? Lord, i ask that every strong hold our life be broken today. I declare and decree that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Lord I need you more than ever in my life break every chain set upon my life father I am believer. Yes In Jesus name i pray and believe with you. I too need the same and more. God Bless you and I and Us All. Lord I need you more than ever in my life break every chain set upon my life father I am a believer.

I praise You my dear Father in Heaven. I need You to help me in all things of my life. Dear Father.


So today I pray that against every Spirit of blockage and barriers that blocks me from being close to You. I break every chain. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord. I surrendering my life to Your hands dear God. I give You thanks to give me strength to stand strong today to face my hard days.

Dear Father God,In the name of Jesus,who give me strength. I break and cast out every evil spirit of blockage and barriers in my life. I curse it out and removed it. I am blessed today and set free from all evil.

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I pray against every evil spirit in my life. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ,my Savior. Dear Father,please give me the strength to break all evil that blocks me from being close to You. I pray against every evil spirit of blockage and barriers in my life. I curse out every evil spirit in my life. All evil spirit be removed out of my life. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Each and Every Entry Was Beautiful. I Will Pray for All of Us.

Gods Blessings to Us All. God Bless! Sorry So Lengthy! You may help by praying for my deliverance from the negative block that has been placed in and on every area of my life. Nothing that I do works out and everything good is taken from me or blocked from reaching me. I feel that God is not hearing my prayers to be delivered from this despair. I ask him for a sign, to no avail. Lets pray for each other!

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God bless us all! I want and need to hear God somehow make me aware that he is with me. That he hears me. That he hears us one and all! I did nothing to deserve what has been placed upon me the negative blockages in and on every area of my life I need them to be lifted and eradicated. Why have me endure this suffering. The answers we all seek? You see, God has given the devil three names that we must recognize. The names are Thief, Liar, Murderer. You are listening to the lies that God is too busy while he is stealing your blessings. You need to make your body, mind and soul more pliable to the Holy Spirit who is the potter and you are the clay so He can mold you and shape you into what he want because no potter can work with hardened clay.

Now, until you surrender fully to the Holy Spirit you will be fed lies that you will believe. God is never too busy for His children. Remember the devil tried to let Jesus believes his lies, so we will have to gird ourselves with the breast plate of righteousness daily knowing in whom we believe. Be bless knowing God is able and that he love you and that no weapon forms against you shall prosper.

God Bless You xxx. Heavenly and most high God, I pray that you guide me and my family, lead us through the correct path and cover us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Let any bondage or barriers set against me and my family be shattered into pieces. Father God as it is written in the book of Mathew , I call upon you to shower us with your blessings, as I Ask, Seek and now Knocking at your door heavenly father.

I know you have always been there for us precious Lord, I pray you continue to be our guidance and lead us not into temptation, but to the path of success, In Jesus mighty name; Amen. Sweet Jesus, we all need your intervention to wade off every satanic blockade holding us back from manifesting in any area of our lives. Help us to trust in you knowing that whatever we are passing through at the moment is part of your divine agenda to lead us to the bountiful life you designed for us.

I am in agreement with the prayer. The mountain of debt that has continued to torment my family ends today. I break every chain that was designed for me to loose everything even my mind. Whatever curse, whitchcraft and evil words designed to block my progress ends today. The resurrection power that raises Jesus is upon my family now no more lack, no more fear, all the kids will leave a fruitful and fulfilling life. Buy New View Book. Customers who bought this item also bought. Seller Image. New Paperback or Softback Quantity Available: Seller Rating:.

Stock Image. Nottage, Dr Mattie M. New Quantity Available: 5. Published by Mattie Nottage Ministries, International Mattie M. Published by Mattie Nottage Ministries, Int Paperback Dr Mattie M Nottage. New Paperback Quantity Available: Published by Mattie Nottage Ministries, International. New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. Edison Nottage is a teacher, powerful preacher, prophet, visionary and an Apostle of Faith. He accepted Je sus at the age of sixteen and immediately began witnessing by sharing the gospel of the kingdom with others.

He became an active and faithful member at his local church, where he served as a youth minister and aid to his pastor.

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Lauderdale, Florida. They are esteemed as dynamic, anointed tag-team partners, called to the kingdom for such a time as this. The mission of Believers Faith Outreach Ministries International is to break through the barriers of tradition and develop a righteous army of believers who will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, throughout the Islands of the Caribbean, the United States of America and the world. Nottage is a powerful teacher of the Word of God. His practical teachings on faith, prosperity, and the demonstration of the power of God have changed the lives of many.