Whisper of the Serpent

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An extensive compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and folk songs benefitting reproductive justice non-profits around the world.

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Take-no-prisoners metalcore with blazing riffs and aggressive vocals from this Texas group. Master Boot Record fires up a monstrously-efficient assembly line, powered by industrial, synth-wave, and hardcore techno. Samsara by Venom Prison.

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The Welsh band crank out forward-thinking death metal with a hardcore-punk bent, exposing societal injustices at every turn. Explore music.

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The remedy for this, is Christian Science. The truth about these Bible stories is revealed in Mrs. We are not mortals, condemned to suffer. The power of God is great enough to bring any wall of error down.

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Whatever is valueless or baneful, He did not make, — hence its unreality. What can I do? You can do everything, if you will line yourself up with Him, let Him be the power, trust Him, hold fast to good; and never give up. Keep on keeping on, and tell error where to go! God gives us the victory, here and now. Share via email.

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Eve and the Serpent by Doris W. Challenging conventional medical wisdom he concludes that:.

Part 2 of the Whisper of the Serpent attorney Henderson documents in gripping detail our gradual loss of medical freedom before an ever growing government-sponsored medical monopoly blinded by a false concept of science. The author ends with the prophetic warning of Dr. How long will it take our nation to reintroduce the principles of rational, truly scientific medicine into health care—principles which are as old as Hippocrates?

That depends upon all of us, collectively standing up to the elite that now rule over us. Enough is enough. Nothing less will secure our liberties.

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