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For good reason, the breakdown of the US-China relationship is spooking investors and economists alike.

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The Dow plunged points , or 2. Tariffs are the weapons of choice as both sides attempt to improve their negotiating leverage. Consumers and businesses find themselves caught in the crossfire. The levies will increase costs, muddle supply chains and drive up debilitating uncertainty.

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China strikes back at United States with higher tariffs on American goods. It's very troubling," said David Kotok, chairman and chief investment officer at Cumberland Advisors. The interconnectedness of China and the United States has been driven in part by the millions of people in China that have been lifted out of poverty. China's customers are using their newfound wealth to buy more cars, iPhones and sneakers.

And China's consumers are flying more, making the country Boeing's most important export market. But there's growing fear that Boeing could be used as a bargaining chip in the trade battle. US-China trade war. America's energy boom makes it a great fit to help solve China's pollution problem. The United States is the world's fastest exporter of liquefied natural gas, a cleaner fuel that can help countries transition away from coal. However, China's purchases of LNG have slowed during the trade war.

China's transition to a consumer-led economy creates massive opportunities for foreign companies, especially US ones.

Much of the focus during the trade war has been about the goods exchanged between both nations. But American businesses are already cashing in by providing services to China's masses — and they're eager to sell even more as China matures. Leading services exports to China include travel, computer software and trademarks, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative.

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China has long been a tantalizing place for American banks and investment firms. Financial services companies, hungry to lend to businesses and provide investment banking expertise, are pushing for greater access to China's underserved market. At the same time, American companies have relied on China as a source of relatively affordable labor and parts. Retailers import merchandise from China.

Those purchases have helped keep China's factories humming, employing workers whose jobs are now threatened. China also plays a critical role in financing America's staggering debt. Washington uses that debt to fund everything from tax cuts to fighter jets. A leader in China's state-run media suggested on Monday that Beijing may try to use Treasuries as a weapon in the trade war — an alarming idea that could rattle global financial markets. Petraeus: US has the advantage over China on trade -- but not for long.

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Such a move, however, could backfire on China by hurting the value of its own holdings and limiting its access to US dollars, the world's reserve currency. Boockvar said it's more likely that China will continue to allow existing Treasuries to mature without reinvesting them. Last week's year Treasury auction had the weakest demand since , according to Boockvar.

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There were four animated and three life-action adaptations of Alisa stories, as well as tie-in comics and video games. This fictional city is based on the real city of Veliky Ustyug. Bulychev wrote scripts for more than 20 movies; according to Mir Fantastiki magazine, he is the most adapted Russian science fiction author. Besides his own writing, he translated numerous American science fiction stories into Russian. Your email address will not be published.

Poezii by Eugen Jebeleanu.

Why the US-China trade war won't last

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