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Learn some German and have a joyful June. The teacher reported the problem to me in meticulously drawn-out detail. It turned out that the "book", more precisely a spiral notebook the size of a postcard, had been wielded in the course of a general melee. To make things worse, she'd been under a lot of tension that day. Thus the blue slip. I can appreciate that thirty pubescent scholars could be rough on the nerves, but what does that have to do with me?

The teacher didn't find this to be a good idea. Detention is so old fashioned. When I arived home early that evening, Eddie was already waiting for me. He was in a wonderful mood.

"Lehrerzimmer" in English

All writing, no stress. This was the final straw. Shortly thereafter Eddie's gym teacher confronted me with a vague notice that my son had "disrupted class through unauthorized conduct. I didn't even dream of actually going.

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Instead, I had myself a lovely afternoon, while Eddie sat at his desk and composed a detailed and guilt-laden account of the arbitrary nature of the gym class. Hours later, the text was complete. It gave full account of the tale: The kids, contrary to the teacher, took no joy from volleyball, and so they had staged a sort of spontaneous strike. That evening, I shoved the paper into an envelope, adressed it to the gym teacher, stuck it in Eddie's backpack, and, completely "cool", said, "You know, all written, no stress.

Und auch sonst ist alles anders. Manchmal spart sich die Schule das Porto und gibt den Brief Eddie mit. Noch nie hat Eddie einen solchen Brief verschwinden lassen.

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Warum sollte er auch? Obwohl ich unschuldig bin. Das sei ordnugswidrig. Der Meinung bin ich auch.

Introducing Ludwig-Erhard-Schule

Ihre Nachmittage gestalten sie gern mit uns Eltern. Die Schule nennt das Sprechstunde. In diesem Fall fand die Sprechstunde in einem muffigen Kabuff statt. Vorher hat er mir noch geraten, ganz cool zu bleiben. Ganz cool schlug ich vor, mich aus der Sprechstunde zu entlassen und meinen Sohn zum Nachsitzen einzubestellen. Die Lehrkraft fand das keine gute Idee. Nachsitzen sei altmodisch.