Les silencieuses (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

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Morel-Borotra, J. Grell et A. Bardet, J. Luc, I. Rollet, sous la direction de, Lorsque l'enfant grandit. The scientific interests of Prof. Currently Prof. Caron is working on the subject of linguistic changes in the French language, especially in the years Moreover he heads a research programme concerning French pronunciation around the year in its high version diction haute.

April Prof. With commitment she took part in committee work concerning feminisation of names of professions, titles and functions The key domain of Prof. Author of i. Marc Quaghebeur Brussels A scholar of literature, essayist, Belgian poet. Marc Quaghebeur is also a senior civil servant, with functions in the Department that is responsible for promoting literature and culture of Francophone Belgium. A relentless researcher and promoter of Belgian literature, Marc Quaghebeur is the author of numerous articles as well as books explaining and interpreting the complex contexts of the Belgian literary phenomenon.

Jago-Antoine et J. Verheggen Bruxelles, Labor, Lettres belges. Marc Quaghebeur delivered a lecture as part of the Froncophone Week, on 22 March, in the former UW Library, room 3rd floor , at a. Etienne Barilier One of the most eminent Swiss writers; born in in the French-speaking canton of Vaud, honoured with highest Swiss literary awards, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres of the French Republic, a novelist, essayist, translator from German and Italian, erudite.

Etienne Barilier also lectures in the University of Lausanne in literature and literary translation. The central place in his very rich range of works is taken by culture, the artists especially painters and musicians in search of beauty, confronting art and life, motifs of music and Italian motifs the writer is a great connoiseur and scholar of Italian culture.

He is also interested in the role of an intellectual in the modern world. Her interest focus i. Papers on Dostojewski, Claudel, Musil, Cortazar. She is also the author of novellas as well as short novels, which she published under the pseudonym of Sophie Kahn. Klincksieck, essai Prof. Specialist in 19th and 20th century French literature. His research focuses on the evolution of types, forms and figures of poetic discourse. He is also interested in the ties between text and image.

Ecriture, Les genres de travers. Henri Scepi delivered a lecture as part of Prof. Our guest is also interested in analysis of advertising discourse and semiotics of advertising. Lionel Dufaye delivered two lectures in the Institute of French Studies, at ul. Monday, 14 December , at p.

Tuesday, 15 December , at p. He was also a special advisor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Brussels as well as Executive Director of a group of international advisors with the presidium of the Ukrainian Parliament. In he created the European Jazz Festival in Hanoi. November Prof. Specialist in 20th century French literature, with special focus on literature from the turn of the 19th and 20th century. She is interested in the theory of literature and literary critique as well as ties between literature and psychoanalysis.

The main areas of his interest are argumentation, emotions, pragmatics and interactions.

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Plantin, M. Coetzee, postcolonial critique and finally the ties between literature and politics as well as literature and cinema. Coetzee, Limoges, Pulim, Derrida, J. Bailly et A. Volodine 14 X, a. Scholar of literature. Zoberman also deals with Francophone mythologies as well as modern theories of queer and gender.

Presses Univ. His own publications as well as those, which he was scientific editor of — are an essential benchmark for persons interested in various aspects of the process of translation. Below are some titles by M. All interested persons are warmly invited to come! Winner of many prestigious literary awards i.

Nota Bene, As a poet he has published i. He is currently working mainly on publishing poetry by Gaston Miron as well as on Jewish literature in Montreal. Apart from common forms of discourse she focuses here also on verbal and non-verbal forms of body-writing tattoos, stigmas as well as mystic female discourse from 17th to 20th century. Co-author of many books in linguistics, i. Sarfati, A. Colin, Dachy Marc.

Le réalisme dans le roman français au XIXe siècle - Persée

Dalnoky Christine. Danesi Fabien.

Élaboration des textes et modalités du récit dans la littérature française médiévale

Dartevelle Alain. Debore Guy. Dessauce Marc.

Houellebecq revient avec «Sérotonine»

Di Folco Philippe. Dor Edouard. Eveno Claude. Ferlinghetti Lawrence. Foucard Daniel. Gaffarel Jacques. Gauthier Alain. Guillec Denis. Guizerix Jean. Hennegrave Dominique. Hylton Kenneth. Jacquemond Olivier. Janover Louis. Jeudy Henri-Pierre. Jorn Asger. Jungmann Jean-Paul. Kacem Belhaj Mehdi. Kroll Lucien et Simone. Labelle Gilles. Legayet Alexis. Lextrait Fabrice. Lucarno Xavier. Lyon Dominique. Makhlouf Samir. Merejkowsky Pierre. Merlini Luca. Milin Robert.