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Par Mark Pullinger , 04 avril Par Mark Pullinger , 02 avril Par Mark Pullinger , 01 avril Par Rolf Kyburz , 28 mars Par Mark Pullinger , 28 mars Par Sydney Boyd , 26 mars Par David Renke , 24 mars Par Isabella Steppan , 21 mars Par Miriam Weiss , 19 mars Par Sarah Batschelet , 17 mars The Zurich Chamber Orchestra ZKO showed its fine colours this week with a triple bill of works for a string configuration.

Leamington Spa Music in the round with Ensemble Londres Edward Gardner leads the Philharmonia on an uneven journey. Par Jack Johnson , 15 mars A promising programme of works was overshadowed by some incoherent playing but also moments of promise to stoke excitement for Gardner's forthcoming tenure at the Bergen Philharmonic.

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Par Luce Zurita , 11 mars Nested in the warmth of Cadogan Hall, Camerata Salzburg and Ben Gernon brought life to Mozart's eternal music whose multi-faceted joy carried in its wake the British violinist Nicola Benedetti. Par Cristina de Lucas , 10 mars Par James Imam , 06 mars As a pianist, Mustonen failed to deliver as would have been hoped, though as a conductor his rapport with the orchestra bore delightful results.

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Par Jenny Camilleri , 04 mars Par Kevin W Ng , 01 mars Chicago Jerusalem Quartet warms hearts in Chicago. Turin Le nozze di Figaro in Turin: a triumph of love and classicism. Lothar Koenigs conducts a stylish, colourful Magic Flute inspired by Magritte. Southampton Staggering musicianship and maturity from Federico Colli.

"Don Juan" English translation

An impressive debut at the Turner Sims from this young Italian pianist brings new insights to Schubert, Scriabin and Ravel in compelling performances. An accomplished technical display from the OAE's period wind ensemble which occasionally lacked personality.

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Richard, Mitte vierzig, ist eigentlich kein Frauenheld, dennoch spielte das weibliche Geschlecht in seinem Leben stets eine wichtige Rolle. Frauenheld , Grammy-Gewinner, First Spouse?

Johannes Gutenberg — с испанского на все языки

Theatergenie und Frauenheld — Todestag von Bertolt Brecht. Is this just a case of one translater using his creative freedom and other's simply copying his newly coined word, without it ever managing to gain any acknowledgement outside of these translations?

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  • I'm unfamiliar with the word. It is not the original French word used by de Sade according to a spot check I made, the French word used in the original is enculer , which is perfectly straightforward, even though it's decidedly not to be used in polite company. All the "translations" you cite are actually different edition of a single translation by Martin Isenbiel a prolific and polyglot translator of erotica, who is also credited for a translation of Fanny Hill , so it's unsurprising that they would have used the same word.

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    • Since that translation is in the public domain, it's conveniently republishable. So the word may either be early 20th century Viennese slang, or entirely made up by the translator.

      chaser - English translation in German - Langenscheidt dictionary English-German

      When reading high quality erotic literature, you often find exotic words to describe different sexual practices. This is to avoid the repeated use of the same few words while you describe a certain action in more than just one short paragraph. Another reason for using exotic words is to give the situation you want to describe an exotic touch.