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  1. The Residential Home Murders.
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  3. Murder in the Sooke Potholes.

Get in touch with Sarah Bowden. The 12th edition can also be read online. In addition, we have covered contemporary political and economic events in Europe by incorporating detailed and brilliant articles written by current students. The 11th edition can also be read online.

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There are also articles from final year students about sport and social events, as well as budding Germanists the winner of a school competition. The 10th edition can also be read online.

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From topics such as German language change and the future of the EU, right through to the recent Olympic games, this winter edition of newspaper addresses all kinds of interests. Major amendments such as changes of classes, the creation of new classes or deletion of existing classes are only made in the editions, published every five years. Hauptinhalt Hauptnavigation Servicenavigation und Suche Unternavigation.

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It bore stamps and was validated through , the German newspaper Bild reported , along with a photograph of the identification card. The archive head told Bild that the card would have let Putin enter Stasi offices unhindered and made it easier to recruit agents, because he would not have had to mention his KGB affiliation. It was not clear whether the card indicated Putin worked directly for the Stasi. The Kremlin neither confirmed nor denied that Putin was issued a Stasi identification.

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  2. White Stains and Loves Cyclopaedia.
  3. The Wizards Apprentice.
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