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The first Hand of Fate presented this flavorful mixture in a very basic fashion. The goal was always the same: make it to the end of the dungeon and beat the dungeon boss without being killed by random encounters or starving to death. In Hand of Fate 2 , the Dealer has upped his game considerably in the years between his exile in the first game and revenge-fueled return in the sequel.

One sees the player travelling from town to town, aiding peasants to gain the fame necessary to wield a powerful artifact weapon. Another tasks the player with recovering four artifacts, depicted as pieces moving about the table from card to card.

Hand of Fate

My favorite challenge so far involves an aging thief lord who recruits the player to determine which of his three underlings is plotting his assassination. With only a limited number of days to uncover to the culprit, the player goes on a series of missions with each of the three suspects, using combat savvy and games of chance to gather enough clues before time runs out.

My least favorite, the challenge of strength, starts the player off with a tenth of their health and a cursed item that prevents normal healing. Going from a linear sequence of increasingly difficult dungeons to a collection of widely-varying challenges is a huge improvement. Many challenges can be overcome in any order the player wishes. During the deckbuilding phase before a challenge starts, players are told which enemies and obstacles to expect, allowing them to stack their decks with cards to better handle those encounters.

And should hunger, enemies or sheer bad luck overcome the player, they can move onto another challenge rather than beating their heads against the same one over and over again. New tricks include dice games, a swinging pendulum that must be stopped at the right moment, and the spinning wheel of cards, which makes for an excellent animated GIF.

These games of chance can be frustrating, especially when luck is not on your side, but they also add excitement. A hero on the brink of starvation wins a game of chance and suddenly finds their pack brimming with health-restoring snacks. A mighty warrior on the cusp of completing an arduous challenge picks the wrong card and has their health cut in half.

Also good are the new companion characters, four NPCs who travel with the player during their challenges, influencing outcomes both at the game table and on the battlefield.

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Colbjorn, a mighty outcast warrior, uses his powerful dual swords to knock enemies about during real-time combat sequences. He can also influence dice rolls, adding a fourth die to the mix, but at the cost of taking him out of battle for three turns. Keeping a companion character sidelined during battle in order to use their luck-enhancing skills is a tough call. New weapon types like dual daggers and massive two-handed hammers are quite effective against certain foes, but not so much against others. Her magic is able to heal his wounds and fix the tears in his uniform, but warns that it is not potent enough to fight whatever caused them.

Fate appears, and Superman asks for his help.

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  4. However, Fate says that he has retired, having grown tired of the never-ending battle against evil, which, for him, has occupied centuries of his life. He invites Superman to abandon the pointless struggle and share in his retirement. Superman refuses, and before he leaves, Inza gives him a magic talisman that will allow him to penetrate Karkull's shield, but warns that she has no other powers that can help him. Inside the Planet , Karkull has continued to transform the building to suit himself.

    The interior is now a massive cavern, and in the pit of the building he opens a portal to his realm, out of which demons fly and possess the humans trapped inside, including Lois and Jimmy. Superman returns and manages to get through the shield with the talisman, though the SCU cannot follow him.

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    Once again Superman confronts Karkull but is attacked by the demonic creatures. With some difficulty, Superman manages to fight them off, but Karkull taunts him that the demons are inhabiting the bodies of his friends, and he should be afraid of hurting them. Forced to hold back, Superman is overpowered and captured. Fate wields the Artifact of Lorta. Then Fate appears through a magic portal, dressed for battle, and frees Superman. Karkull laughs that Fate cannot defeat him in his own domain, but Fate reveals the Artifact, magically restored, and begins to chant the spell to imprison the demon again.

    But Karkull blasts Fate, causing him to drop the tablet into the pit before the spell is finished. Fate fights Karkull and his minions, telling Superman to get the tablet. While Fate is getting pummeled, Superman hurtles downward after the tablet. Just as he catches it, a huge demonic entity appears out of the bottom and tries to engulf him.

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    Returning to the battle, Superman grabs Karkull, while still holding the tablet. Fate finishes the incantation and Karkull is pulled back into the tablet. Everything then goes back to normal, and the SCU burst in to find the battle is over. Back at Fate's tower, Inza treats his wounds, and Superman asks him what changed his mind.

    Fate says it was Superman: he went back to fight Karkull even though he didn't stand a chance.

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    This proved to him that the forces of evil weren't the only ones that would never give up. Superman hands Fate his helmet , and he acknowledges that he'll be needing it still.

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    Thief: I am power beyond your dreams, call to me. Karkull com siva kanvasay. Singing Polly wolly doodle all day! Jimmy : What do I need a picture of?

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    Luthor kissing a donkey?! Karkull : You 're strong for a mortal, but a mortal is all you are! Jimmy: Holy Lois : Bad choice of words Jimmy! Rainsong : Hey, Mister!

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    We're ready. Where do you want us to chant? Karkull: I don't remember inviting you. Kill him. Karkull: You continue to surprise me, but as I said, you don't have the tools to defeat me.