Theory, Practice, and Community Development (Community Development Research and Practice Series)

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This new volume highlights specific cases of communities developing…. Edited by Norman Walzer , Liz Weaver. Collective Impact as a tool to bring about community change has seen remarkable growth in usage since Collective Impact has been used successfully with a variety of local issues and has raised the consciousness of how community groups interact as well as the approaches that can lead to…. Throughout history and around the world, community members have come together to build places, be it settlers constructing log cabins in nineteenth-century Canada, an artist group creating a waterfront gathering place along the Danube in Budapest, or residents helping revive small-town main streets….

Edited by Max O. Stephenson Jr. Arts and Community Change: Exploring Cultural Development Policies, Practices and Dilemmas addresses the growing number of communities adopting arts and culture-based development methods to influence social change.

Providing community workers and planners with strategies to develop arts policy…. Edited by John M.

Rural Community Development in Theory and Practice

Halstead , Steven C. In Social Capital at the Community Level, John Halstead and Steven Deller examine social capital formation beyond the individual level through a variety of disciplines: planning, economics, regional development, sociology, as well as non-traditional approaches like engineering and built….

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By Robyn Eversole. Effective community development means that many different stakeholders have to work together: governments, development organizations and NGOs, and most importantly, the people they serve. Knowledge Partnering for Community Development teaches community development professionals how to mediate…. Edited by Kelly L. Feminist Criminology. Claire M. Key Concepts in Economic Geography.

Yuko Aoyama. Reclaiming Indigenous Planning. Ryan Walker. Globalizing Education Policy. Fazal Rizvi. Seeing White.

Rethinking Community Development

Jean Halley. The Great Disruption. Francis Fukuyama. The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sociology. George Ritzer. Progressive Community Organizing. Loretta Pyles.

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Successful Societies. Peter A. Women, Work, and Globalization. Bahira Sherif Trask. Global Perspectives in the Geography Curriculum. Alex Standish. The Still Divided Academy. Stanley Rothman.

Community Development Research and Practice Series - Routledge

Handbook of Public Sociology. Vincent Jeffries. Sustainable Livelihoods and Rural Development. Ian Scoones. Informal Reckonings. Andrew Woolford. Affirmative Action. Tim J. The Sociology of Economic Life. Neil J. Teaching for Democracy in an Age of Economic Disparity. Cory Wright-Maley. Democratic Professionalism. Albert W. Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education. Julie Andrzejewski. The Child in International Political Economy. Alison M. Economic Geography. Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen.

Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research. Joseph Zajda. Challenging Racism in Higher Education. Mark Chesler.

Jack Rothman's model of community practice

Education in a New Society. Jal Mehta. Learning to School. Jennifer Wallner. Gender and Social Capital. Brenda O'Neill. Teachers and Texts. Michael W. Institutional Theory in Political Science. Professor B. Guy Peters. Gay Conservatives. Kenneth Cimino W. Global Governance and Biopolitics. David Roberts. Citizens, Experts, and the Environment.

Frank Fischer. Climate Change, Ethics and Human Security. It is intended to draw together international, cross-generational and cross-disciplinary perspectives. Contextual specificity will be used as a lens through which to explore the localised consequences of wider, global processes. These books will be essential reading for academics, upper level undergraduate and graduate level students in Community Development and related disciplines, including Geography, Social Policy, Sociology and other related fields.

The series will also appeal to practitioners and policy makers looking to explore the tensions between policy imperatives and the interests and demands of communities at grass roots level. Would you like to make a timely and original contribution to the community development literature? Policy Press uses cookies on this website.