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Bloody shootout at Bedford Centre

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Call Call Johannesburg - Bedford Centre was in chaos on Thursday after a gang opened fire on cash-in-transit guards in the banking mall, injuring shoppers and security guards. Police and mall security closed the centre for about an hour, trying to find the rest of the gang. Police said nobody was killed, but seven people were injured: three shoppers, two SBV Services guards and two robbers. The gang targeted a cash-in-transit delivery to a bank in the lower mall by SBV Services sometime after 11am.

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Reports were confused, but it seemed that once the SBV guards went down the escalators and reached the lower level with the money on a trolley, the gang opened fire. Moses Modida, a driver, was heading for the post office on the lower level when he saw a man with a firearm.

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He still had a big gun, and as he ran away, he fell on to some tables. By that time, they had shot some girl in the back.

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She was trying to run away, near the escalators. When the shooting was over, at least four people were on the ground injured — three men and the young woman — and the rest of the gang had fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

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  • A waitress said the mother and daughter had gone downstairs and separated. In the chaos following the shooting, police and security personnel could not establish how many robbers were involved or whether any were still hiding in the centre, so they closed the centre to search it.