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In the abstract, this can be a difficult concept to grasp for a beginning writer, especially when we are surrounded by a culture of film and television that often downplays character and overplays archetype and, alas, stereotype. These sort of gross oversimplification of character motivation is something that I try to eradicate at the start of a course.

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Scholars have written about the Misfit as being an inverse Jesus Christ because he is able to trigger in others that moment of repentance that is at the heart of the Catholic notion of salvation. We see her trying to assert her waning authority with Baley when she tries to hijack the family vacation plans with her newspaper stories, and later we see her manipulate the children so that Bailey will detour merely to satisfy her melancholy longings.

She displays that old southern attitude towards the poor black children they encounter on the road, and her embarrassment with her granddaughters rudeness reflects that obsession with formality and grace that was once the norm for women of her age. But when confronted with the Misfit and with the possibility of execution, the grandmother has to peel the varnish of good manners layer by layer, motivated by her necessity to understand and possibly disarm the ticking bomb that is the Misfit. We watch her struggle with a range of emotions, at first predictable fear, disbelief and denial, desperation, even anger , and then growingly more complicated and profound, until she is able to recognize and embrace a transcendent state of total forgiveness.

When the Misfit shoots her, readers have to ask, why then? Why not before? He likes talking about himself. The Misfit, holding a gun, and with hands filled with blood, lowers himself on his knees before this woman. People did right then. Oh look at the cute little pickaninny! He waved. Setting is not always just about the place in which a story occurs. Setting is inextricably tied to geographical space and time. It must reflect not only the physical attributes of the place, but also on the social dynamics of the time in which this story is taking place.

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In this respect setting is everything: from the clothes the characters wear, to the diction they use, to their sense of propriety, their sense of personal boundaries, their beliefs, and their attitudes to one another and their surrounding world. A good writer of fiction will be able to incorporate these elements seamlessly into their story, and make them an inextricable part of the plot.

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A good story will seep setting through the pores of their characters. These revelations are apparent in the smallest gestures, the slightest mannerism. A woman in a fiercely patriarchal society, she would have been suspect because of her sharp intellect, and finally, her debilitating sickness would have further set her apart — she would have been the eyes of the soul, looking into her homeland with particular clarity about what made the south what it was.

The grandmother is a meddlesome, powerless but manipulative figure, full of vain ideas about her seat in the family and her right to authority within it, but ultimately she is only a frail old woman, an old brooch of a woman who represents the elapsed times, the fine manners and the dainty traditions of the old south.

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My students quickly grasp onto and recognize the character. These grandmothers are still alive all over the south. In every turn of phrase, in every reaction to the world that surrounds her, this character oozes her history, her upbringing, her morals and her values — however outdated they may seem to us now, or to her own grandchildren in the story. She is the product of regional history and regional social dynamics. Bailey then for the first time in the story loses patience with his mother and curses her out.

The Misfit pointed the toe of his shoe into the ground and made a little hole and then covered it up again. I know you must come from nice people! That elusive element that wants us to keep turning the page, keep wanting to find out what happens next, is embedded in unsuspecting aspects of a story, for example, in the length of a sentence or in the flow of the prose.

Of course, tension is also inherent in plot if we can make our readers care sufficiently for the plight of the main characters. Effective dialog can also be an excellent tension point. When characters talk, they have an agenda, and they have strategies for accomplishing that agenda. Good dialog should reflect a battle of will.

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From then on, things move very quickly. One of the things I really loved was when it was a student other than the provocateur who asked one of the other authors a follow up question. Skip to main content. Come to discussions prepared, having read and researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from texts and other research on the topic or issue to stimulate a thoughtful, well reasoned exchange of ideas. Work with peers to promote civil, democratic discussions and decision making, set clear goals and deadlines, and establish individual roles as needed.

Propel conversations by posing and responding to questions that probe reasoning and evidence; ensure a hearing for a full range of positions on a topic or issue; clarify, verify, or challenge ideas and conclusions; and promote divergent and creative perspectives. Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives; synthesize comments, claims, and evidence made on all sides of an issue; resolve contradictions when possible; and determine what additional information or research is required to deepen the investigation or complete the task.

Share social media. Lesson Objective: Facilitate effective literary discussions with a pinwheel 'recipe'. Save to My Resources. Remind me Two weeks before One week before One day before. Save without scheduling. Discussion Supporting Materials Thought starters In what ways do the mini-lesson and prep time provide for a successful discussion?

How does the role-playing support more rigorous discussion and encourage students to take risks? Why are Ms.

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Wessling's tally marks an important part of the discussion? The video isn't currently working. Is there an update or another place to view the video? Recommended 0. I love this way of having students discuss a text!

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Perhaps if I'm working with a longer text, like Animal Farm, I could group them by character. The provocateur could ask questions about the use of power, about other characters, division of wealth and labor, etc. Erica, Thank you for letting us know about this. I've tracked down other sources for the full text of the stories and have updated the links under Supporting Materials.

Good morning! None of the three links to stories work. Can you please update? Load More. View More. Student: Oh, man. Teacher: OK, so just a couple quick things.

Student: …. Teacher: Yes, yes, very well said. Teacher: All right, go ahead. Student: The misfit is maybe a good thing because then he can justify what he did.