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Of course for the benefit of the children — goal is to prevent that children are neglected and abused. The agency is legally bound to react quickly if it hears about such cases. The consequence is that the number of intervention in families has severely increased, just as the number of child removals and withdrawals of custody. While in but children were placed with foster families or foster home, in it was already — an increase of over 25 percent. Every person is required to notify the agency if they suspect negligence or abuse in a family. Accordingly, such reports drastically increased, although many turn out to be unsubstantiated.

They claim that oftentimes it is necessary to intentionally frustrate parents to see how they react under pressure. If they show a deep tolerance for frustration, one must ask how they would function if there were no social control. In other words: The parents are intentionally provoked until they lose their patience and flip out, so that later there is evidence for them not being suitable as educators.

She is one of the strongest critics of barnevernet. One must imagine this situation: intimidated foreigners with limited language skills being attacked in their own home, by social workers with scary appearance. Foreigners have their children taken more than average. Many Polish were hit, one of the largest group of immigrants in Norway, which caused the professor Nina Witoszek, with Polish roots, from the University of Oslo to publish a bitter accusation in the newspaper Aftenposten. Barnevernet, so she writes, is a Stalinistic institution and gave immigrants the following sarcastic advice: 1.

The state owns them. You may not slap your children. Make sure your children smile in public. The supporters of the child protection agency are however convinced they are acting benevolently. Many children, they claim, have no chance to develop. According to them, Barnevernet is the only way out for such children. Those who criticize the agency are uneducated, aggressive parents according to them. The much praised model state Norway has clear ideas regarding what is correct and incorrect parenting.

A Tamil family criticized that intense affection is also considered sexual abuse. The rules are strict. The child sleeps in its own bed. Sweets are only given to children on the weekends, not every day. And even those raising their children according to traditional role patterns are suspicious, because Norway wants to overcome gender roles. The following quote from a report from from the ministry for children and families now: Ministry for Children and Equality is also insightful.

But to the foster families it does matter. He represents families who had their children taken from them. He reports of the courtroom in which representatives of the agency and their attorneys always sit extremely confident and entirely convinced, that they did the right thing, and in front of them a trembling and stuttering Kurdish mother and father, both traumatized, being accused of having beaten and abused their children. The big problem is the power these girls have as employees of the child protection agency.

Power to make decisions which can permanently change the lives of many families. So what? Wenn er denkt, falls er denkt. Sie denkt, ich bin Pianist in einem Bordell. Nach der gewaltsamen Beendigung des Mordens durch die Alliierten waren die Deutschen und sind es bis heute geblieben noch deutscher als zuvor. Illustration des Systemzwangs zum Rechtsfrieden, d. Egal, wer Recht hat, solange nur Recht ist; was immer die Quellen sagen,. Die juristische Methode dieser seltsamen Wissenschaft, die sich die Behandlung der. Vorsicht: Wo ist es im Nahen und Mittleren Osten derzeit so friedlich und vergleichsweise gewaltarm wie in Israel?

Wo leben Araber derzeit sicherer als in Israel? Zufriedene Sklaven sind die schlimmsten Feinde der Freiheit. Der Mob, der sich das Volk nennt, diskutiert nicht, sondern diffamiert. Legal ist nicht immer legitim. Menschen sind nicht gleich, jeder einzelne Mensch ist ein Unikat. Es wird nicht mehr diskutiert, sondern nur noch diffamiert. Es ist eine Kultur des Mobs. Wie es bereits gewesen ist. Harmonie ist nur, wenn man nicht kommuniziert. Islamimus ist Islam, der Gewalt predigt. Islam ist eine Religion der Liebe,und wer es anzweifelt, ist tot.

Islamisten sind Satanisten. Islamismus ist eine Religion von Idioten. Psychoanalyse ist frivol, oder es ist keine Psychoanalyse. Ihr werdet also von Wahnsinnigen regiert und durch deren Massenmedien manipuliert. Der Totalitarismus kann nur besiegt werden kann, wenn man den Mut hat, die Dinge beim richtigen Namen zu nennen, so wie sie sind. Islam will keine Unterwerfung! Zeit braucht Zeit. Ich ist anders. Prothesen-Menschen — sehen aus wie Frau und Mann, sind aber keine. Sie schauen einfach wie Helden aus, das ist alles. Alles Mutti, irgendwie! Deutschland gestern: der Wille zur Macht.

Deutschland heute: der Wille zur Verblendung. Deutsche Psychoanalyse? Smart phones for stupid people. Nur die Reinheit der Mittel heiligt den Zweck. Pohrt, Der Weg zur inneren Einheit. Es ist mit Egoismus gemischt. Am Schluss Gleichmacherei. Ihr seid aber nicht alle gleich.

Noch nie wart ihr alle gleich. Ihr lasst es euch aber einreden. Behauptungen mit Beweisen. Religion mit Moral. Desinteresse mit Toleranz. Nachrichten mit Wirklichkeit. Der Gordische Knoten ist ein Keks gegen eure selbstverschuldete Wirrsal. Damit die Geschlechter noch mehr aneinander verzweifeln. Bis alle in destruktiver Selbstbezogenheit stecken. Am Ende: Mann ohne Eier. Frau ohne Welt. Die erste ist gut gemeint, die zweite ist gut gemacht. Der Antizionismus ist der aus den kapitalisierten Gesellschaften in die Welt herausgekehrte Antisemitismus.

Seine aktuelle Waffe: Der Phobienvorwurf. Wiemer suchte sie zusammen und zeigt, wie Horkheimer anhand der Medizin einen wesentlichen Charakterzug des modernen Kapitalismus ausmachte. Mediziner funktionieren laut Horkheimer wie fast jede wirtschaftliche Gruppe im Sinne eines Rackets.

Aber weshalb? Weil wir in einer Epoche der sozialen Leidenschaften leben. Stupidity is demonstrated by people lacking the knowledge they could achieve. Stupidity manifests itself as outraged moralism. Love : only , and not always , a mother loves her child , just as it is , otherwise you have to meet the expectations of others , to be accepted. Values without empathy are worth nothing.

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More and more feel, think less and less — Man does not differ from animals by feelings, because mammals have the same feelings , like man, sadness, fear , anger, love , but by his thought. When he thinks, if he thinks. After the violent termination of Murder by the Allies were the German and have remained so to this day more german than before. The depraved human creature , the more she feels insulted , disrespected , offended in their honor.

Craziness is, when one always does the same but expects a different outcome. A man with roots should go for a pedicure.

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Self smugness leads to idiocy, being pissed off leads to enlightenment. Happy slaves are the worst enemies of freedom. Creativity is an intelligence having fun. If working makes you sick, fuck off, leave the work! If Germans talk about morality, they mean money. A man without an insight is just an anxious, aggressive, unhappy monkey. Thinking is always trespassing. The mob, who calls himself the people, does not discuss, just defames. People are not equal, each single person is unique. One has to be brave, to have a wit.

Stupid and dull belong mostly together. Islam is not responsible for anything, Jews are guilty of everything. Heroes of today know nothing, can not and do not want anything. It may be that early fathers ate their children. Today, the mothers will eat anything , fathers , children and the rest. Everything Mommy, anyway! Germany yesterday: the will to power. Germany today: the will to blindness. German psychoanalysis?

Great, like German charm, German humor and German wit. The resistance starts with its own language other than that of the dictatorship. A leftist can, but do not have to be stupid. If you do not blame states , when they commit suicide with millions victims , so why to blame a co- pilot with dead? Only the purity of the means justify the end. Specialization and diversification are a contemporary manifestation of massification and uniformity. The first is called Prince.

The second is called the Pope. The third is called the people. If you want to lead the people , you are forced to follow the mob. The second duty is still unknown. A German is a person who can speak no lie , without actually believe — Adorno. Two women talk as police officers stand in front of the courthouse in Meaux, near Paris, on Sept. The court convicted two other women for publicly wearing Islamic veils; France banned face coverings earlier that year. European Pressphoto Agency. The Wall Street Journal. The terrorist assault on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan.

But the attack, along with another at a Paris kosher market days later, was carried out by French Muslims descended from recent waves of North African and West African immigration. One item about the killing vastly outpaced all others in popularity. Populist parties are rising across Europe as voters feel abandoned by the mainstream political class. Getty Images. It is not unique. Every country of Western Europe has a version. For a half-century, millions of immigrants from North and sub-Saharan Africa have arrived, lured by work, welfare, marriage and a refuge from war. Such a migration is not something that Europeans would have countenanced at any other moment in their generally xenophobic history, and the politicians who permitted it to happen were not lucky.

The movement coincided with a collapse in European birthrates, which lent the immigration an unstoppable momentum, and with the rise of modern political Islam, which gave the diaspora a radical edge. Just why Europe has had such trouble can be partially understood by contrasting it with the U. But employment rates have been low, too.

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If Americans have traditionally considered immigrants the hardest-working segment of their population, Europeans have had the opposite stereotype. In the early s, 2 million of the 3 million foreigners in Germany were in the labor force; by the turn of this century, 2 million of 7. Europe was not just disoriented by the trauma of World War II. It was also demoralized and paralyzed by the memory of Nazism and the continuing dismantling of colonialism.

Leaders felt that they lacked the moral standing to address problems that were as plain as the noses on their faces—just as U. Europeans drew the wrong lessons from the American civil-rights movement. In the U. They were separate matters that could at least until recently be disentangled by people of good faith. In Europe, the two problems have long been inseparable. In France, antiracism set itself squarely against freedom of speech. The passage of the Gayssot Law, which punished denial of the Holocaust, was a watershed.

Activist lobbies sought to expand such protections by limiting discussion of a variety of historical events—the slave trade, colonialism, foreign genocides.

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This was backed up by institutional muscle. Speech codes have done little to facilitate entry into the workforce for immigrants and their children or to reduce crime. But they have intimidated European voting publics, insulated politicians from criticism and turned certain crucial matters into taboos. Immigrant and ethnic issues have become tightly bound to the issue of building the multinational European Union, which has removed vast areas of policy from voter accountability.

So impressed were the Europeans with their own generosity that they failed to notice that the population of second- and third-generation immigrants was growing bigger, stronger, more unified and less inclined to take moral instruction. This is partly a demographic problem. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Western Europe has had some of the lowest birthrates of any civilization on record. When mass immigration began, Europeans did not give much thought to the influence of Islam.

In the s, there might have been worries that a North African was, say, a Nasserite Arab nationalist, but not that he was a would-be jihadist. Too many Europeans forgot that people carry a long past within them —and that, even when they do not, they sometimes wish to. It failed to satisfy a lot of non-Muslims too, but until they ran out of borrowed money with the crash, they could avoid facing it squarely.

Muslims felt none of the historic guilt over fascism and colonialism that so affected non-Muslim Europeans. They had a freedom of political action that Europeans lacked. As European politics grew duller and the stakes lower, many political romantics looked enviously at the aspirations of the Muslim poor, particularly regarding Palestine. Those who became radicalized developed the most monstrous kind of self-regard. A chilling moment in the most recent terrorist drama came when the TV network RTL phoned the kosher supermarket where the Malian-French hostage-taker, Amedy Coulibaly, was holding his victims at gunpoint.

He refused to talk but hung up the phone carelessly. The newspaper Le Monde was able to publish a transcript of the strutting stupidity to which he then gave expression:. The Muslim community is not to be confused with the terrorists it produces. But left to its own, it probably lacks the means, the inclination and the courage to stand up to the faction, however small, that supports terrorism. In , there were riots among French Muslims after the arrest of Khalid Kelkal of Lyon, who had planted several bombs—in a train station, near a Jewish school, on a high-speed rail track.

Populist parties like the U. Independence Party wind up, by voter demand, placing immigration and multiculturalism at the center of their concerns. To many Muslims in France and the rest of Europe, the new drawings were evidence not that the terrorists had failed to kill a magazine but that the French had failed to heed a warning. It may seem harsh to criticize the French in their time of grief, but they are responding today with tools that have failed them in previous crises.

They reflexively look at their own supposed bigotry as always, somehow, the ultimate cause of Islamist terrorism, and they limit their efforts to making minority communities feel more at home. The mysterious riots of in France—which lasted for almost three weeks, during which the rioters made no claims and put forward no leaders—were chalked up to deprivation. The French media responded with an effort to hire more nonwhite news anchors and reporters, and the government promised to spend more in the suburbs.

Now, after the murders in Paris, the contradictions continue to accumulate:. Voters all across Europe feel abandoned by the mainstream political class, which is why populist parties are everywhere on the rise. Whatever the biggest initial grievance of these parties—opposition to the European Union for the U. In France, it is the Front National, a party with antecedents on the far right, that has been the big beneficiary.

Acts of terrorism can occur without shaking a country to its core. These latest attacks, awful as they were, could be taken in stride if the majority in France felt itself secure. But it does not. Thanks to wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, thousands of young people who share the indignation of the Kouachis and Coulibaly are now battle-hardened and heavily armed. France, like Europe more broadly, has been careless for decades. It has not recognized that free countries are for peoples strong enough to defend them.

A willingness to join hands and to march in solidarity is a good first response to the awful events of early January. It will not be enough. The New Yorker, December 11, And yet no one does French bashing more enthusiastically than the French themselves. As early as , as Sean M. Although nostalgists like Zemmour consider the late nineteenth century a golden age, when France emerged as an imperial power and a center of cultural greatness, his counterparts in that period saw a cesspool of effeminacy and decline.

This is a well-used trope in decline literature. After the bloodbath of the First World War, most French citizens justifiably felt as much a sense of defeat as of victory; the period between the wars was marked by polarization and recrimination. It existed only in the hatred of the French for one another. Zemmour denounces a law that made Holocaust denial a punishable offense, as well as measures that give individuals the right to sue if they feel that their ethnicity, race, or religion has been insulted, seeing them as the triumph of modern political correctness.

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But Zemmour ignores the purge of pro-Fascist writers after the Second World War and the execution confirmed personally by his beloved General ge Gaulle of the writer Robert Brasillach for his anti-Semitic, pro-Vichy, and pro-Nazi writings during the war. They failed, and de Gaulle won a massive election victory in June, but Zemmour argues that their movement actually succeeded by infusing France with a series of permissive, anti-national, individualistic, anti-authoritarian, pleasure-seeking values that ironically opened the door for what the protesters claimed to hate the most: American consumerism.

The following April, de Gaulle resigned and retired to write his memoir; he died the next year. In similar fashion, social changes such as decolonization and legalized abortion came before the current period of slow growth, and therefore killed France. In one passage, Zemmour obsesses about a court decision made by a close former associate of de Gaulle allowing French citizens to form private associations without government authorization—what would seem to be a fairly normal democratic right, but which Zemmour sees as another stab in the patriarchal back:.

One forgets that the family was not conceived in the long night of history as the privileged venue of love and private happiness, but the institution that permitted the founding of a people, a society, a nation. Awful responsibilities of men. All guilty. But it was not an angry feminist or a long-haired rebel who placed virility on trial, but the august grey-haired minister of a conservative majority. There is an unsettling streak of misogyny running through the book, in which the securing of elementary rights for women is presented as an insidious emasculation.

Zemmour notes that everyone in the movie seems happy and excited about moving to the suburbs. The happy suburb was not an illusion, it radiates joie de vivre in every scene of the film … it is not the high-rise buildings, the cage-like staircases, the absence of roads that provoke violence, gangs and ghettoes; but the violence, the gangs, the drugs that have transformed paradise into hell. Perhaps, like Zemmour, they see France as dead or dying.

In , Europe accounted for twenty per cent of the world population, and today it accounts for less than ten per cent. But the sinister conspiracies and suicidal decisions that he identifies at every turn are simply the products of the world changing, sometimes for good, sometimes for ill. This is now changing a study by the ecological Jean-Francisco Bastin. Together with some colleagues, he has investigated where there is even room for additional forests in the world. The sought-after areas had to meet two conditions.

On the one hand, the climatic conditions have been taken into consideration. So the trees should be able to grow there by themselves and in a natural way. In addition, human settlements and agricultural areas are needed elsewhere.

The Death Sect

So they can't be afforested either. Heute gibt es Grund zum Feiern, denn vor wenigen Minuten wurde im Nationalrat ein Totalverbot des weit verbreiteten Pestizids Glyphosat beschlossen. Neue Technologien zeigen, dass Impfstoffe wahrscheinlich in Zusammenhang mit Krebs im Kindesalter stehen. Warum das so ist, erfahrt Ihr hier. Soon there will be more trees than people in Milan! Milan has been on an ambitious plan to plan 3 million trees The fact that something needs to be done against pollution has already arrived in many countries.

While in the UK we wonder if it is possible to plant 3 billion trees by to reach the goal of zero carbon emissions by , Milan has already started. The City with about 1,3 million inhabitants is supposed to become green, and therefore in Milan there should be more trees than people in the future. India holds the world record.

Even in the Philippines, students should learn how important trees are and have to plant 10 trees before they finish their graduation. Milan has embarked on an ambitious plan to plant 3 million trees - netzfrauen. Hawaii Becomes First State in the U. Bill also protects public health by requiring first-ever no-spray zones around schools and mandatory reporting of toxic pesticide use. Mitglieder der Umweltorganisation Greenpeace demonstrieren in Wien gegen Glyphosat. Menu button Faz logo economy login First country in the EU Austria votes for total ban on glyphosate Members of the environmental organization greenpeace demonstrate in Vienna against glyphosate.

As the first country in the European Union, Austria wants to completely ban the use of the controversial unkrautvernichters. The implementation of the decision, however, is facing a obstacle. Post share post share Translated. After Slovenia now also Austria-privacy of the drinking water is prohibited! Alpha: Grundprogramm, Ziel sind sowohl widerspruchsloser Gehorsam und automatische Reflexe des Kindes. Theta: Eingliederungsprogramm in okkulte Gruppen. Krampfbehandlungen, CT, sowie Beeinflussungen der Psyche durch elektromagnetische Felder kommen hier zum Einsatz und sind noch relativ wenig gesichert in Bezug auf Klein Kinder erforscht.

Gleiches gilt, wenn Sie hierbei unlogische Verhaltensweisen beobachten. In weiterer Folge als Ausbaustufe, werden meist folgende Dinge indoktriniert, vergleiche Ellen Lacter :. Auch andere chirurgische Eingriffe Narben am Stammhirn, etc. Eine Wiedererinnerung des Kindes an die Foltererlebnisse ist im Alltag, meist hervorgerufen durch assoziative Verarbeitung, oftmals mit Flashbacks verbunden. Es darf daher nicht verwundern, wenn sich das Kind nach einer Streicheleinheit bzw. Gleiches gilt, wenn das Kind durch eine Frage ein Flashback erleidet.

Ein Sachbeweis kann aus einer Urkunde oder einem sogenannten Augenscheinsobjekt bestehen. Der Ermittler findet aufgrund der Aussage des Kindes ein Tatmittel.

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  • Die Befragung des Kindes soll Ihnen u. Wenn Sie das Kind einer Befragung unterziehen, so handelt es sich um einen Erhebungsvorgang privater Natur, nicht um eine Vernehmung. Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie in jeder Befragung mindestens einen Zeugen mit einwandfreiem Leumund bei sich haben. Fertigen Sie zu jeder Videoaufzeichnung und Niederschrift entsprechende Sicherungskopien.

    Die Befragung selbst sollte keine Unterbrechungen haben. Platzieren Sie das Kind so, dass es im Video durchweg gut sichtbar ist. Fragen Sie nicht ohne Konzept, sondern erstellen Sie sich zuvor eine Checkliste. Die Checkliste sollte die wesentlichen Punkte beinhalten, wie:. Den Aussagen fehlt es an Vokabular, es mangelt aufgrund der geringen Lebenserfahrung an Analogien und Metaphern. Das Kind hat noch immer eine Spielwelt, welche mit der Erwachsenenlogik nicht vereinbar ist, die Erwachsenenlogik wiederum kann die Erlebnisse des Kindes kaum erfassen. Es hat auch noch keine pubertierenden Eigeninteressen, wie beispielsweise Rachsucht oder Geltungsdrang.

    Oder zwischenzeitlich unechte Reaktionsmuster offenbart. Es kann daher Fragen ablehnen oder ausweichend antworten. Nutzen Sie die Spielmotivation des Kindes. Bedenken Sie auch, dass der Phantasie der Folterer keine Grenzen gesetzt sind. Mit der Zeit hat sich herausgestellt, dass das Kind nicht damit geschlagen worden ist, sondern mit dem Stiel anal penetriert worden ist. Spuren sind materielle Objekte und Erscheinungen im Makro- und Mikrobereich. Hier handelt es sich jedoch um eine sogenannte falsche Spur und nicht um eine Trugspur. Als Beispiele gelten u. Abwehrverletzungen am Kind, Sekretspuren und Blutspuren im Zusammenhang mit dem geschilderten Handlungsablauf.

    Eine Spurenverursachung ist interaktiv. Dieser Aussage kommt in der Kriminalistik eine gewisse Bedeutung zu. Die Besonderheit liegt darin, dass sich die Merkmale des Blutes beim Menschen erhalten, nach naturgesetzlichen Regeln vererben und es serologisch nachweisbar und klassifizierbar ist.

    Somit engt sich die Auswertbarkeit einer Blutspur im Verlauf der Zeit immer mehr ein. Ein solches Merkmal ist die statistische Aufgliederung nach Blutgruppen. Daher ist es wichtig, dass Sie nach einer Aussage des Kindes das betreffende Tatmittel oder dessen Kleidung sichern. Der Nachweis von Urin wird durch die Harnstoffkonzentration in der Spur bestimmt. Der Nachweis erfolgt mikroskopisch und auf biochemischer Basis. Selbst wenn man nach einer Folterung das Kind nachkonserviert.

    Nach Untersuchungen u. Auch wenn Sie das Kind in zeitlichen Intervallen befragen, sollten Sie die Videoaufzeichnung nicht unterbrechen. Das menschliche Gehirn speichert traumatische Ereignisse im Gegensatz zu normalen Wahrnehmungen in ungeordnetem Erinnerungsteil. Es ist aber wichtig, dass Du mir die Wahrheit sagst. Aber es ist nicht schlimm, wenn Du etwas nicht sagen kannst. Aha, mit der Oma warst Du auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt.

    Wie sieht denn Deine Oma aus? Aber doch die Oma nicht? Nein, die ist doch schon viel zu alt. Da hast Du Recht! Und eine Zuckerwatte hast Du sogar bekommen? Achten Sie schon hier auf den positiven Beziehungsaufbau zum Kind. Nun beginnen Sie die Befragung zum Tatgeschehen. Nehmen Sie sich Zeit. Vermeiden Sie suggestive Fragen, auch wenn Sie den zugrundeliegenden Sachverhalt schon erahnen.

    Dich dort anfassen, Du hattest doch eine Hose an? Vorhaltfragen suggestiver Charakter, zu vermeiden :. Oder verwenden Sie eine Gegenprobe durch Gegensuggestion. Sofern Sie an einem Punkt ankommen, an dem das Kind Affekte verraten kann, besteht die Gefahr eines emotionalen Ausbruchs bzw. Oder Sie lenken das Kind sofort ab und tun so, als ob Sie den Erregungszustand nicht bemerkt haben. Sie regieren mit folgendem Muster. Hast Du auch kleine Indianer zum Spielen? Die musst Du mir aber einmal zeigen! Nutzen Sie diese kindliche Eigenschaft.

    Dich geschlagen hat? Bei Aua. Es hat sich im Laufe von knapp 9 Monaten herausgestellt, dass es etliche Papas, aber auch etliche Mamas gegeben hat. White, Dr. Green usw. Arntzen, Dr. Friedrich: Psychologie der Kindervernehmung. Verlag Deutsche Polizeiliteratur: Hilden, Verlag Deutsche Polizeiliteratur: Hilden , Gresch, Hans Ulrich: Unsichtbare Ketten. Kriminalistik Verlag: Heidelberg, Hamacher, Hans-Werner: Naturwissenschaftliche Kriminalistik.

    Verlag Deutsche Polizeiliteratur: Hilden, , 2. Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Heidelberg, Eichborn Verlag: Frankfurt am Main, Seelische Zersplitterung nach Gewalt. Durchgesehene Neuauflage. Junfermann Verlag, Paderborn Miller, Alison: Healing the Unimaginable. Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. Karnac, London: Im Rekurs gegen den Obsorgeverlust vom Mittlerweile gilt die Mutter und mehrfach zertifizierte Akademikerin, Mag. Weitere Informationen auf : www. Originalakten zum Fall Sadegh auf:. Quellen Auswahl :. Krankheit, Medium oder Metapher?

    Verlag Neue Kritik, Satanic Ritual Abuse. Second Heaven. How Churches are Being Infiltrated. And More… Eigenverlag, Canberra: DeCamp, John W. Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder i in Nebraska. AWT: 2nd Edition. Karnac, London, Pabst Science Publishers: Lengerich Freyd, Jennifer J. The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse. Harvard University Press, Cambridge: Jason Aronson Inc, London: Herman, Judith: Die Narben der Gewalt.

    Hoffman, Wendy: The Enslaved Queen. A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control. Karnac, London Karriker, W. Lacter, Ellen and K Lehman, K. Attachment 2 2 pp. Lacter, Ellen: www. Simple to Moderately Complex Programming. Moderately to Very Complex Programming. Some Indicators of Mind Control Programming. Self Publishing, San Diego: Infonurt2 Bohdan Szewczyk, Georgetown: Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main,