The Lost Continent

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Share at. More in this Series. Down Under Bill Bryson. One Summer Bill Bryson. They comes upon a Brontosaurus , which attacks Robert Phillips Hugh Beaumont as he retreats up a tree. Nolan and Wilson open fire, but they quickly discover that the dinosaur's thick hide absorbs bullets with little effect. Later that night they set up camp. Phillips has gotten himself stuck in a large rock crevice near a Triceratops. Nolan accuses Rostov of arranging the accident on purpose, but Rostov insists that he was helping Phillips.

The Triceratops nearly attacks the group, but another makes a challenge and the two dinosaurs fight to the death. Nolan is convinced that Rostov, the scientist who helped make the rocket, is up to no good because he also appeared to be able to save Stanley Briggs on their climb up but failed to do so.

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Eventually, Rostov reveals himself to be a victim of the Holocaust in which he lost his wife and unborn child. Wilson later shoots a Pterosaur for food near the rocket's landing site.

Lemuria 'IF' The lost Continent is Found?

The group soon discover the rocket is surrounded by a Brontosaurus and a pair of Triceratops, but Nolan devises a strategy that results in scaring off the dinosaurs with their weapons. Rostov and Phillips retrieve the needed data from the rocket. His back turned, Tatlow is gored to death by an angry Triceratops , just as it is shot by Nolan and Wilson. After the team finishes a grave, violent earthquake tremors begin, and the team makes a hasty retreat down the plateau.

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  6. The four members manage to successfully return to the island's flatland, just in time to escape the island using a native outrigger canoe. The survivors watch from a distance as the island is first rocked by more violent earthquakes and then a catastrophic eruption of the island's formerly dormant volcano begins, which destroys everything. Lost Continent was a low-budget film shot in just 11 days from April 13 to late April at Goldwyn Studios. Black-and-white footage set atop the prehistoric escarpment was tinted a mint-green color on all theatrical release prints to produce an eerie, other-worldly effect.

    Lost Continent was not able to overcome its low-budget origins despite having former screen idol Cesar Romero in a leading role.

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    A later review clearly identified the main issue: ". The pacing is pretty slow: the first twenty minutes is spent introducing the characters; the next 20 is spent having them climb up a mountain, and then jamming what little action there is into the remaining run time—all of which you would have seen in the trailer". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a film. For other uses, see The Lost Continent disambiguation.

    Theatrical release poster.

    Lemuria: The Fabled Lost Continent That Turned Out To Be Real — Almost

    Retrieved: February 3, Warren, Bill. Keep Watching The Skies Vol. I: —