Operation Peace for Galilee: The Israeli-PLO War In Lebanon

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The first book about the war in Lebanon, Operation Peace for Galilee is based on hundreds of interviews with the soldiers of both sides, the guerrillas who fought in it, and the civilians caught in the middle.

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Much of the detail is drawn from in-depth conversations with the major Israeli commanders who planned and fought the battles. The author traveled every major route of advance taken by the Israeli army, and visited the sites of important battles, including Tyre, Sidon, the Beirut-Damascus highway, the Bekaa Valley, and Beirut.

Materials, notes, and articles dealing with matters of national security are routinely submitted to Israeli censors, but Gabriel was able to circumvent this process. His is therefore the only analysis which considers the Israeli Defense Force's successes and failures in the war in Lebanon and the problems resulting from the major expansion of the IDF since the war. Richard A. The PLO in Lebanon.

Israel in Lebanon (1982–1985)

From there they dispatched terrorists on murderous missions abroad and fired Katyusha rockets and artillery at civilian targets in Israel's northern Galilee region. The next day Israeli jets bombed P. This triggered a massive P. Israeli units advanced along three major north-south routes, destroying P. IAF fighters and attack helicopters bombed terrorist strongholds, clearing the way for the ground forces.

Transport helicopters provided around-the-clock tactical, logistic support. They airlifted fuel and ammunition to front-line troops when the three narrow roads which wind their way north into Lebanon became clogged. They also played a life-saving role by rapidly evacuating wounded to Israeli hospitals.

But the most spectacular achievement of the war was the destruction of the Syrian surface-to-air missile SAM sites in the Bekaa Valley. Future historians will point to many important features of the air war over Lebanon.

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First and foremost, the IAF re-affirmed its undisputed aerial superiority. This was the first major conflict in which F's and F's could demonstrate their awesome prowess. It was also the first time that the IAF employed the Cobra and Defender attack helicopters on a wide scale. One of the war's greatest successes was achieved by its smallest participant: the locally produced mini-RPV remotely piloted vehicle.

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These tiny, propeller-driven craft beamed down real-time intelligence to air force and battlefield commanders, giving them a decisive edge in the rapidly unfolding combat arena. Last but not least, honorable mention will be saved for the F-4 Phantom , which pounded home a reminder that it will be around for quite some time.

In the spring of , Israeli reconnaissance photography revealed a dangerous new development. On the fourth day of the war, in a coordinated attack utilizing decoys, anti-radiation missiles and several locally developed systems, the IAF methodically destroyed every one of the threatening SAM batteries. It was almost as if fighter pilots were exacting a kind of personal revenge for the harsh treatment they had received years earlier, during the Yom Kippur War.

During the attack, the Syrians sent up dozens of interceptors. Twenty-two Mig's and Mig's were downed in mass dogfights. Stripped of its surface-to-air defense, Syria continued to flood the Bekaa Valley with fighters over the next few days.

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  8. Israeli F's and F's roamed the area without fear of SAMs and raised the total number of aerial victories to about Incredibly, not a single Israeli fighter was lost during the risky attack against the SAMs or in the ensuing dogfights. The IAF once again proved that it was master of the skies. Sources : Israel Defense Forces.

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