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They're day events, not camping based, with limited space to operate in. How so? By taking place in the part of London lots of people don't consider to be London. Three days of non-stop bangers and the punters won't care where they are. All Points East continues the area's traditions with two weekends of supremely curated music.

The first weekend operates more like a standard festival, whereas the second weekend is more 'big gigs' a la BST. But this isn't punning for the sake of a cheap laugh. Food and music are paid equal attention on Bank Holiday Monday, as KERB provide a stage for some of the best street food vendors in the city. Even the music seems to have a culinary theme; Kelis headlines, and surely it's not a coincidence that her last album was called Food?

There are an ambitious bands squeezed in around 20 venues in just two days, so the key is to see as much as possible. One pro tip though — don't try rushing to wherever a headliner Frank Turner and Deaf Havana is playing minutes before their show. There's a strong chance you won't get in. The name isn't quite so accurate anymore as this is the first year it's ditching the field for four giant, connected warehouses in Enfield. It's a seismic change, that looks to keep Field Day ahead of the competitors.

That anticipation only builds once taking the ridiculous line-up into consideration. The big question on everyone's lips is That's right, Busted are playing. Enough said.

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Actually we say that, but historically Wireless was an entirely different beast — David Gray once headlined the festival up in Leeds. Don't worry hip hop heads, none of that this year. For our money though, the highlight of the weekend will be west London's AJ Tracey rounding off a mega-year that saw him release his critically - acclaimed debut album. Finsbury Park, tickets are sold out but keep an eye out here to see if any more become available , July. In between the two weekends of musical brilliance comes BST Open House, when you can wander into the site for free and enjoy cinema screenings, pop-up bars, circus, cabaret and much more.

Hyde Park, various prices, book ahead. The line-up is massive. Dance music is a broad church, so if you and your mates all have differing tastes this could be the festival for you — there's at least one act on this behemoth of this line-up that everyone will go crazy for. What's ours? Tough choice, but TQD have never let us down before. The event aims to curb car culture and raise awareness for cyclists' rights.

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Everyone's welcome to take part, or simply watch. The Household Division — the Queen's personal troops — are on show at Horse Guards Parade, including horses and musicians, and the Queen herself overseeing proceedings. Around 30 participants normally take part, the aim being to cross the finish line first without spilling any of the drinks on the tray. One of London's wackier events that has to be seen to be believed.

The Pearly Kings and Queens are usually out in their button-bedecked finery for this traditional festival at Guildhall Yard, with Morris and maypole dancing and marching bands. This year's festival hasn't yet been announced. If you're lucky enough to have a garden, pick up some tips for it. No garden of your own? Get your fill of flowers and greenery at these events:.

Look out for floral installations, special events, and offers in local shops and businesses. Chelsea in Bloom May takes on an Under The Sea theme this year, while a short walk away at Belgravia in Bloom May they're celebrating the language of flowers. See special gardens created by the world's top gardeners and stock up on plants for your own garden. It's always fun seeing people battling to carry plants and trees home on the tube on the last day, when the majority of plants are sold off.

Ballots run for some of the really popular venues, including the garden of 10 Downing Street, but most of the gardens are open to anyone with a ticket. Workshops this year include flower arranging and calligraphy. The full programme hasn't yet been announced, but keep an eye on the website. If you're lucky enough to have a three-day weekend, take a look at our guide to spending bank holidays in London , including suggestions for interesting and unusual things to do, walk and cycle routes, restaurant ideas, and even things to do in the rain.

ZIP WIRE: The world's largest and fastest inner-city zip line is coming back to London, offering views over the capital while you travel m back to earth. Even better, up to four people can now ride at the same time, so pick your friends wisely. Special events also take place including a food market, live music, entertainment and special tours. The whole festival goes on for almost a month with all manner of events to be announced. Of course, it all culminates in that parade on 7 July.

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  4. Visitors to the State Rooms summer opening can see inside the 19 rooms where the Royal family hosts important guests, including the Throne Room. The Monster is a giant inflatable obstacle course popping up at Alexandra Palace — and it's only for adults. The m long course is surrounded by bars, street food stalls and live DJ sets.

    Dancers, drummers, musicians, sound systems.

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    It gets very crowded and lots of public transport in the area is disrupted, so do plan ahead if you're going along. Here's our guide to 's carnival , which we'll be updating for closer to the time. Most buildings are free to visit at Open House , although some tours require booking and the most popular ones do get booked up in advance, or involve long queues on the day. Will all this going on, you'll be needing to refuel. Here's our pick of summery food and drink options:. Here's Londonist's guide to the best rooftop bars in London this summer , while these rooftop bars are open all year round.

    Thank you to everyone that voted for me at the jungle awards.. Catch me and a whole heap of your favourite artists flinging down the Jungle as we come together to celebrate another great year of our music.. Tickets and more info: www. Upstairs deck Uncle Dugs 4 hour 91 set hosted by Jono Duggins.

    La Rocca | Deejays

    Tickets launch Monday 1st October at 8pm via www. As always we only have on sale so please dive in quick not literally and grab yours when they launch.. Shout to all my 91 crew been waiting for this one since we launched the Vibena Flavours parties a year ago.


    If this is anything like the 91 and 92 parties then we are all in for a treat.! More info and tickets: www. Full info and tickets: www. Uncle Dugs live from our weekly rooftop party at Dalston Roof Park. Enda kwa. Sehemu za ukurasa huu. Accessibility Help. Barua pepe au Simu Nenosiri Umesahau akaunti? See more of Uncle Dugs on Facebook. Umesahau akaunti? Sio Sasa. Machapisho ya Wageni. Danny Key.

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    Maelezo Kuhusu Data ya Vilivyomo vya Ukurasa. Friday 11th - Sunday 13th October Oh My!! Lydd Airport - Its actually happening! Saturday 5th October ! Join the Event Page for all the latest details!