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But there seems to be a third consciousness in the Firestorm Matrix Breaking free, Deathstorm merged with Jason's dad and Martin Stein and stole the White Lantern power battery; Jason and Ronnie must unite and work as a team in order to stop the Anti-Monitor from using the Lantern to increase his power. And Deadman is now a White Lantern, charged with helping the Twelve in order to help the Entity to live.

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Or rather, find a replacement for the already-dying Entity and save the Parliament of Trees from a Black Lantern-possessed Swamp Thing. The tie-in books follow the rest of the Twelve are as followed: The Flash : Barry Allen, like the Twelve, has recently returned to life thanks to the schemes of the time-traveling Twelve member Professor Zoom. While he's still readjusting to normal life, Captain Boomerang another of the Twelve has to prove himself to the rest of the Rogues. Zoom already completed his mission in resurrecting Allen , while Captain Boomerang is to launch a deadly assault on the superheroine Dove.

While starting off with the "fresh start" feeling that most of the tie-ins shared, many of these issues were devoted to laying groundwork for the next big event, Flashpoint. Unfortunately, her return from the dead also brought back the Starheart, the source of power for herself and her father Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. Jade was told to "balance the darkness" of her brother Obsidian in their fight against Scott. Justice League: Generation Lost : Max Lord has returned, and has made the entire world forget he existed. His job is to stop Anti-Hero Magog from sparking a worldwide war , but he's obviously not going to stop there.

Only four surviving members of Justice League International Booster Gold , Fire and Ice, and Captain Atom remember the threat he poses, and they team up with legacies of other members Blue Beetle and Rocket Red while tracking him down. Has its own tie-ins with the Booster Gold and Power Girl series. Hawk has been told to stop Captain Boomerang's attack on Dove.

Titans : Deathstroke has formed his own mercenary version of the Titans, having murdered the current Atom as their first assignment. One of his recruits is the resurrected Osiris , who has been tasked with the job of restoring Isis to normal something Deathstroke claims to be able to help with, though in the end it turns out to be lies.

As such, Osiris quits the team and goes about his own quest to "free" his sister via mass destruction against evil doers. Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing : John Constantine has finally returned to reinteract with the wider DCU to inform them of the consequences of an actively protective Swamp Thing who punishes anyone who might "hurt the earth". But can anyone do anything about it? Brightest Day will be a standalone series whose plot tendrils will rope in ancillary DC titles.

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Unlike the relatively compact eight-issue Blackest Night , however, Brightest Day promises to be a whopping issue biweekly behemoth. Luckily for readers, io9 New Media Master candidate and Blackest Night scribe Geoff Johns will be corralling the new series to friendlier, less-undead-Martian-Manhunter-filled narrative pastures.

In addition to stretching the very definition of the word "miniseries," Brightest Day promises to usher in a new status quo for the DC Universe. Frankly, I'm pretty sold on this event given the Alan Moore-inspired gonzo thrills of Blackest Night.

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Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Issue 0A. Brightest Day 0A. Published Jun by DC.

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Add to cart Fine. Issue 0B. Brightest Day 0B. Add to cart VF 8. Add to cart VF- 7. Issue 1A. Brightest Day 1A. Published Jul by DC. Add to cart Near Mint. Issue 1B. Brightest Day 1B.

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Issue 2A. Brightest Day 2A. Issue 2B. Brightest Day 2B. Issue 3A. Brightest Day 3A. Published Aug by DC. Add to cart Very Fine. Issue 3B. Brightest Day 3B. Issue 4A. Brightest Day 4A. Issue 4B. Brightest Day 4B. Issue 5A. Brightest Day 5A.

“The brightest day”

Published Sep by DC. Issue 5B. Brightest Day 5B. Issue 6A.

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Brightest Day 6A. Issue 6B. Brightest Day 6B. Issue 7A. Brightest Day 7A. Published Oct by DC. Issue 7B. Brightest Day 7B. Issue 8A. Brightest Day 8A. Issue 8B. Brightest Day 8B. Issue 9A. Brightest Day 9A. Published Nov by DC. Issue 9B. Brightest Day 9B.