The Tricky Leprechaun

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Patrick's Day was wear green and eat cabbage, salty meat , and delicious, delicious soda bread.

St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiment

Now all of sudden leprechauns are invading schools and we need to catch them? And is it one leprechaun? Multiple leprechauns? Are there other mythical Gallic creatures I should be concerned with? Any banshees or selkies or pucas going to come crawling out of the woodwork next year? Some people I know have even brought the concept of the leprechaun home and, like Santa and the Easter Bunny, "the leprechaun" brings children holiday-themed goodies.

Now leprechauns in schools I can get behind, because, hey, it's fun and whimsical and I like make-believe. But I can't turn another once easy-going holiday into a consumerist nightmare full of tchotchkes that will wind up in a landfill within six months. Hey, if you dig making a big gift-giving to-do of holidays at home that's totally fine.

You do you, but this is where I draw my line. But OK, regardless of our opinions on or bafflement over the fact that St. Patrick's Day has been upgraded, we must accept that we now live in a world in which this has happened, hence leprechaun traps. Yes, school projects, especially one after another after another, can be tiresome. We already do so much and now there's this. We're busy. Our kids are busy when did busy kids become a thing?!

With all this busy-ness, quality time together, especially quality downtime together , is limited, especially for working parents. I absolutely understand the annoyance of having to take some of that quality time to a project perhaps neither you, nor your child, is especially interested in.

But friends, I'm going to go ahead and declare myself as solidly in support of the leprechaun trap. It's not my favorite thing, or anything I would demand be incorporated into the curriculum if it weren't already included, but I can't join in on the deep-seated feelings of loathing many of you seem to. We talk about wanting creative, fun educational school experiences for our children. We lament about the limited projects our kids get to experience that aren't just soul-crushing test-prep and worksheets.

We want to encourage them creatively, artistically, and help them find their interests.

Can we help?

Shelves: , childrens , ireland-irish. This is a fun story about a young man who thinks he is more clever than a Leprechaun. We've read a similar story recently, so the ending came as no surprise, but we still really enjoyed the story. The illustrations have an old fashioned feel and complement the story nicely. I also enjoyed reading the "Source Notes" at the end of the story, where I was somewhat surprised to learn that Leprechauns typically wear red jackets, as most of the images of Leprechauns that I've seen depict them wearing g This is a fun story about a young man who thinks he is more clever than a Leprechaun.

I also enjoyed reading the "Source Notes" at the end of the story, where I was somewhat surprised to learn that Leprechauns typically wear red jackets, as most of the images of Leprechauns that I've seen depict them wearing green. We really enjoyed reading this story together and while we read it a few weeks late, it's a terrific St. Patrick's Day read. Apr 09, Tasasha Battle added it Shelves: help-me-write. This book is about the experience of a clever young man that caught a leprechaun.

Everyone knows that when a leprechaun is caught they have to tell you where their gold is buried. This young man thought that he was cleaver enough to get a fortune, but the leprechaun was much smarter. Students can use this book to expand their vocabulary. There are descriptive and awkward language in this book and students can use their comprehensive strategies to figure their meanings.

Nov 12, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens-books.


One of my best childhood memories is of my Dad sitting in our blue rocking chair reading this story to me and my brothers. We would sit on the floor at his feel while he read, and he would only show us the pictures if he felt like it. He would "read in voices", in other words, say each character's line in a different voice. Mar 28, Alison rated it liked it Shelves: grade-1 , grade-2 , picture-book.

This was an interesting tale. It is about a man who finds a leprechaun and thinks that he can outwit him. In the end, the leprechaun is the most clever. I like this story for that fact that I would read it to my students on St. Patrick's Day and have them use it as a writing prompt. Apr 08, Laura rated it really liked it. There aren't too many Irish folk tales put into picture books but this is one of the good ones.

I remember reading this tale in Grade 4 with my teacher and, as a teacher today, I continue to share the story with my students on St. Patrick's Day. This is an older book, and I found it to be slightly lack luster. This story has been told and re-told several times. This version had a slightly different ending than other versions I've read.

Shamrock Magic Milk | St. Patrick's Day Science Activity - Science Kiddo

The illustrations didn't quite do it for me and my purpose. Oct 01, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: fable-fairy-n-folktale. A well-done retelling of an old folk tale, complete with source notes at the end. The art, which is part whimsy part realistic, supports the story nicely. Dec 15, Deborah Harris added it Shelves: a15 , ar AR Quiz No. Mar 30, Danielle Taylor rated it liked it Shelves: book-selection. I thought this book was cute. I really liked the illustrations because they looked so realistic.

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I liked how the leprechaun outsmarted Tom. Apr 01, Valerie rated it liked it. Based on a Irish folk tale, Tom catches a leprechaun and is certain he will find the hidden gold. However, leprechauns are very tricky and things don't go the way Tom planned. Jan 25, Jaden rated it really liked it.

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  • View 1 comment. Feb 04, Amanda Coppedge rated it really liked it Shelves: celtic , read-in Great story for telling aloud. Contains an extensive author note about the story and about leprechaun lore. Mar 21, Laura Carby rated it it was amazing Shelves: friendship , comedy , holiday , picture-book. This book we read around the time of Saint Patrick's Day.

    The Little Leprechaun

    The trap is created from an upright shoe box. The creator made signs giving those "little tricksters" directions. The ground is covered with green and brown construction paper. The fence is made from popsicle sticks which were glued together There is a black caldron filled with gems and beads behind the fence, which when tugged-on activates the pulley system thus dropping the red plastic cup on the Leprechaun.

    The smaller green one is covered in green construction paper and enhance by a hand drawn rainbow. It is being held up with a clear flower prong attached with a string. The larger box has been cut to shape and is decorated with shiny gold paper, written signs, shamrock stickers and a caldron of gold inside. This simple trap is a brown paper lunch bag with seasonal drawn pictures on it. This trap could also be enhanced by using stickers, ribbons, garland or glitter. A door was cut into the box and some pennies were glued inside.

    To enhance this trap, try wrapping it in some green or yellow paper and adding stickers or seasonal drawings on the outside.

    St. Patrick's Day Song for Kids - Have You Ever Seen A Leprechaun

    One is a Chinese take out container which has some real money hot glued on it and some green crayon. To enhance this trap try using a green colored container or painting it. You can also purchase these containers at a party store usually pre-colored. Glitter would also work great here.

    The circular trap is an oatmeal container. It is covered in paper and glitter with a door way cut in the top. Trapping made easy. The larger one is fully covered in yellow paper and decorated with real pennies. The other trap is a narrow shoe box decorated with shamrocks. A door was cut in the front and fun, shiny things were placed inside the box for the Leprechaun to play with. This is true for this little trap. A small box was used and door way was cut in front. The box was actually covered in white copy paper and the creator colored all the sides with green and yellow markers.

    They added some extra touches with bronze fabric trim, yellow pompoms and some shiny things glued on the front.