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It was first published as a serial in Analog Magazine before its first book publication in Since then, many editions of The Forever War have been published. Editions published prior to were abridged for space by the original editor omitting the middle section, a novella titled You Can Never Go Back. These early paperback editions have "a white cover showing a man in a spacesuit with a sword, with symbolic clocks all around," according to the author, with alternatively the first hardcover edition featuring a large hourglass with planets falling through it.

The edition restored many expurgated sections, primarily dealing with the changes that befall human civilization over the course of William Mandella's life. This version's cover "has a futuristic soldier who looks like Robin Williams in a funny hat," as Haldeman notes, "But alas, not all of the changes got in, and the book has some internal contradictions because of things left over from the [earlier version].

In , Avon published the version that Haldeman called "definitive", with "everything restored" and "a less funny cover illustration. It featured as the first novel re-printed in the series, and the cover shows a close-up of Marygay Potter with soldiers and spaceships in the background. This is the same version as the Avon publication and has the same Author's Note. In , Haldeman, at the request of Robert Silverberg , wrote Marygay's first-person account of her time of separation from Mandella.

It included not only the military details but also the difficulty of coping as a lone heterosexual woman with a society where same-sex relations are the inflexible norm. The story was included in Silverberg's anthology Far Horizons , and later was the title story in the collection of Haldeman stories A Separate War and Other Stories In his "Notes on the Stories" for that collection, Haldeman commented that "it was fun to write her story, both as a bridge to the sequel Forever Free and as an oblique commentary on The Forever War , twenty years later.

The cover depicts a futuristic gun barrel stuck into the ground with a smashed spacesuit helmet placed on top. The author's note at the start of the book describes the edition as containing the definitive versions. The most recent print edition was released in with an additional foreword by John Scalzi.

The cover art depicts a soldier in a spacesuit in a jungle environment.

Alternate History

The cover art depicts a soldier in a war torn setting looking down at the helmet of a fallen comrade. Stuart Gordon adapted the novel for Chicago's Organic Theater Company in , in part as a reaction to what Gordon considered the "ultra-sanitized video game" style Star Wars brought to science fiction.

Young as William Mandella. Belgian comic writer Marvano has, in cooperation with Haldeman, created a graphic novel trilogy of The Forever War. With some very minor changes and omissions to storyline and setting, it faithfully adapts the same themes in visual style. In October , he bought the rights to the property.

In he optioned the rights to Ridley Scott who announced that, after a year wait for the rights to become available, he was making a return to science fiction with a film adaptation of The Forever War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the science-fiction novel. For other uses, see The Forever War disambiguation.

Main article: The Forever War comics. Worlds Without End. Retrieved Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 10 January Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved March 4, Joe Haldeman. The Forever War. The Guardian. Ridley Scott tells us more! Novels portal. The Forever War series. Peace and War. Hugo Award for Best Novel. The Sword in the Stone by T. White Slan by A. Heinlein Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury Miller, Jr. Clarke The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin Vinge Downbelow Station by C. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. But no matter which version, one thing is for sure: he is a complete and total pervert for Sousuke.

Getting stiffies over fantasizing that he would rape the poor year-old's dead body after he slowly kills him? The poor boy was completely horrified and traumatized when Gauron took the opportunity to let him know what his plans for him were.

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In the manga, the gay substitute teacher for Sousuke's high school's men's swim team had some hints of this as shown in the above picture. The guy keeps a whip in his swim trunks and drools and blushes while thinking about Sousuke. Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland , after getting repeatedly raped and beaten by a group of bullies who were monk trainees like him at the temple during his childhood, "became" gay and insane.

He seems to express disgust and contempt towards women, and is shown to have a strong attraction to Nagi. In fact, he confesses to Nagi that he "loved him". And later in the series, after Genkaku up there dies , the series gains a replacement Depraved Homosexual in the form of Mockingbird, who is Misogynistic, and has a similar sort of Blood Lust and kinky way of flirting and fighting. His interactions with Ganta and Senji certainly are The old man Lord Trancy from episode 8 of Black Butler is one.

He was looking for young boys to be his sex slaves and raped and beat Alois he beat him because he thought Alois had a dirty look to his eyes. He also seemed to favor Alois and fawned over him when he expertly seduced Trancy while wearing nothing but a red kimono until he was kissing Alois's feet. Also he refers to his sex slaves as "dolls" because to him they are mere objects he gets pleasure from and treats them as livestock, getting pissed when they get infected and die as this means he can't have sex with them anymore.

In episode 20 a guy tears Sebastian's shirt deliberately, who's shackled to a wall, and fawns over him saying "He's lovely! Undertaker is hinted to be into dead bodies and directs much subtext towards Ciel. He states that he wants to kill Sebastian because he is making Ciel miserable. He also has affection towards Vincent, Ciel's father.

And several intimate scenes with Real! Ciel, who he helped keep alive with unscrupulous and disturbed means when the latter was on deaths door Claude has a twisted affection towards Ciel and Alois, loving both boys for how passionate, unstable, and jaded they are. He seeks to arrange things so that the two remain dark hearted and unstable enough for his liking, something which infuriates Hannah as she is jealous of the hold he has on Alois. He also kills Alois and is a manipulative Jerkass who tries to simultaneously kill Sebastian while hitting on him and mind rapes Ciel.

He's indifferent to woman, and acts quite horrible towards Hannah in particular, especially in "Spider's Intentions" where he slut shamed her as just being another hole for men to get pleasure from and they compete for Alois. He later lives on in the afterlife with Alois, implying that he felt more genuine feelings towards Alois than originally thought. Ash in the first season. Like Angela, Ash has a psychotic crush on Sebastian and is pissed when Sebastian pays more attention to Ciel.

It's implied he meant to rape Ciel when he had him alone in a church and called him "divine" when he was dressed in a cute altar boy outfit. See also Camp Gay. Also implied with Mukuro as he is quite insane to the point of harming himself and others because he looks at them as his personal toys. He also is implied to have feelings for Tsuna or at the least, has a homoerotic obsession with him to the point of what looks like dry humping Tsuna while whispering in his ear and getting the drop on him.

Professor Aizawa from Sukisho. He's a yandere for one of the main male characters and raped Sunao with his men in the game during his time in the lab. He also psychologically tortured and starved both Sora and Sunao while putting them through inhumane experiments. Some of the men that Souma sleeps with in Sakura Gari are depraved homosexuals.

Also, Sakurako Saiki who is actually Souma's younger brother, named Youya. He stole his mother's name and dressed in her clothing after she died and he witnessed her murder at the hands of Katsuragi and a reluctant Souma , which made him lose his mind completely. Soon after his gender was discovered by Masataka, he tried to kill both him and Masataka, and later committed suicide. He also was very much a Yandere towards Souma, and playfully flirted with Masataka on occasion, though he might've done so because he was jealous of Masataka because Souma was in love with him, and wanted to get him away from Souma - this is confirmed when he cooks for Masataka and sneaks glass pieces into said food, and later ties him up and force feeds him.

The Continental is a twisted sadist and Serial Rapist , who has his way with Jonathan with one of his men who forces Jonathan to give him oral at one point while the Continental raped him from behind before getting a dose of Laser-Guided Karma at the hands of Jonathan's lover Leonard, who castrates the bastard for the crime. Also possibly Himuro, who seems to have fetishized Osanai, since we briefly see dirty magazines in his apartment with a younger Osanai on the cover, and his dreamscape features a towering statue of Osanai as a Greek god.

It's the Depraved part that's up for debate with Himuro; the gay Porn Stash , cross-dressing and "idolization" of Osanai are more than enough evidence of his sexuality. It's possible Osanai tricked Himuro, or that Himuro was just thinking with his other head when Osanai offered himself. It turns out that he was the masked rapist that went around raping a bunch of male martial arts students, and he ends up setting his sights on Minoru, the pretty boy protagonist.

His depraved rapist tendencies are played for comedy , and eventually the main characters forgive him and have him join their karate club. And even make Minoru room with him. Which results in him trying several times to rape Minoru including an instance where Pedro went pantless with his junk out, in the middle of the night, to rape Minoru while Minoru was unconscious and drunk.

Aside from the aforementioned insanity, Unfortunate Implications abound in this example, seeing how he's the only homosexual character in the series. Trigun : The manga contains a few creepy examples among secondary characters; Legato is implied to fit into this role too, but the guy who raped him was even creepier at least as a depraved gay guy. Manga Knives might fit too depending on what subtext you follow and what level of Fan Wank you adhere to.

The anime also has Sodom, a Camp Gay secondary character. Lord Gennon from Berserk. He is a homosexual and a notorious pedophile, and he developed an attraction for Griffith, which culminated when Griffith agreed to sleep with him in exchange for funds to support the growing Band of the Hawk. He is often seen to be attended by many very young male servants, no older than their teens. There's also Donovan, one of the men under the command of Gambino, Guts' adoptive father.

Donovan liked little boys in all the wrong ways, and he raped Guts when he was still a vulnerable child after Gambino sold the kid to him for the night for three silver coins. Mitarai from Shitsurakuen. Government official Hidehiko Otoya from Akikan! He's a self-proclaimed gay who loves pretty boys and he goes undercover at the school as the school doctor. He's often having contact with Kakeru harassing him sexually, only to be hurt severely by Kakeru every time.

Sho Tsukioka from Battle Royale is effeminate in manner but humorously masculine in appearance and uses his skills as a Stalker with a Crush to tail Kiriyama. He's also a borderline alcoholic drag queen with an irrational crush on Kiriyama and overall thinks like a total lunatic. Yurimaru of Ninja Scroll. Fisheye of Sailor Moon. At first. He goes around as a effeminate Sissy Villain with a dangerous crush on Mamoru to the point of exhubiting rape undertones when he forcefully looks into Mamoru's dream mirror while Mamoru screams in pain. Zoisite and Kunzite , whose gayness doesn't overlap with their villainy at all, except when Zoisite goes into full on yandere mode when Kunzite compliments a female as being beautiful and sets it up so she turns into a demon as a result of his jealousy.

They're also the only Official Couple in the first season aside from Usagi and Mamoru, even if they don't make it to the end. Both Arthur and Shalott of Air Gear. Arthur is a masochist who pelvic thrusts against his male opponent Agito and nibbles on his ear while fighting him. He also has flamboyant mannerisms, speaks in a polite manner, and frequently releases heart marks whenever he's reveling in the feeling of pain. Shalott is a young girl who wears a frilly looking dress and reveals to Agito that he's actually a girly-looking guy who is in a sexual BDSM type relationship with Arthur.

The end of chapter has him pin Agito to the ground and straddle him, saying after he tortures him by pulling out his teeth then Agito can "lick it" if he wants. It's presumed that he means he wants him to lick his Shallot's penis. Aeon Clock has feelings for Ikki and subtext with another male, to the point of making Ikki fall asleep with incense and trying to be intimate with him while he's sleeping as he takes his pants and underwear off with Ikki not knowing. He also shows homicidal jealousy when a girl flirts with Ikki.

In Rurouni Kenshin , we have a subverted example: Kanryu Takeda. The historical , Real Life Kanryusai Takeda on whom he is heavily based was a well-known homosexual and all-around bad guy , but Nobuhiro Watsuki didn't see how that fit into his fictional story, and so it is not mentioned in-story. Though he did wonder how it would have been different if he had managed to work it in. Which he mentions in his notes. The two hairdressers in Vampire Doll. When he appears he wraps Shou up in his web, caresses him, gets close to his face, sticks his finger in his mouth, and licks him before trying to murder him.

Rune Kodaira in Karakuridouji Ultimo. Infamously pumped Up to Eleven in Chapter 21, with him almost raping the main character. Wild Adapter : Sekiya Jun. Unfortunate for Brief, who is usually the object of bondage-obsessed Garterbelt's affections. Or IS he? The revelation that Brief's penis is Hellsmonkey gives his seemingly lecherous actions a whole new meaning. Flashbacks also show him with female prostitutes , so it's entirely possible that he invoked this trope to conceal his true agenda.

Then again, he is shown visiting numerous gay clubs for his own pleasure, so his interest in young boys is genuine. Naoe of Mirage of Blaze. He's a Straight Gay but he's also quite the Yandere in regards to Kagetora whom he nearly rapes and was tempted to kill himself and Kagetora so that Kagetora will never belong to anyone else. He also tries to Murder the Hypotenuse and says he wants to keep Kagetora for himself, and tries to plant Forceful Kisses on Kagetora. In the novels it's hinted that he's a rapist. Krad of D. He's also violent towards girls, particularly when Risa tries to interfere in a fight between him and Dark.

In chapter 6 of No6 a greasy old corpse collector hits on Shion and tries to force him to have some food and drink with him, and clearly has bad intentions. Shion initiates the Groin Attack on him to escape from him. Two mooks call Nezumi a "fine jewel" and demand that he "play" with them as payment for him kissing and not paying a prostitute and because they find him attractive. They have bad intentions and omniously approach and make a grab for Nezumi who has to escape from them with Shion.

It's also hinted that he gets up to Prison Rape with the inmates. Tomoe's boyfriend and later husband Kurokawa from Challengers and The Tyrant Falls in Love is really a perfectly nice guy. However, his homophobic Knight Templar Big Brother , Souichi, doesn't see it that way and a lot of the comedy of the series is derived from him trying to murder Kurokawa at every opportunity for "corrupting" his brother. Muraku Matsumoto from Gamaran. His routine is the following: falling in love with a very powerful opponent, maim him to death to "show him his love" and then scalp him and add his hair to his special hair-woven chainmail.

Angelo Sauper from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn , one of the few canonically gay characters in the Gundam series, isn't especially perverted but he is very, very angry and won't hesitate to slaughter anybody who stands in the way of his commander and love interest Full Frontal in the most vicious ways available to him.

Depending on how you interpret his ambiguous sexuality, Light Yagami from Death Note. Near has shades of this when you consider how in the manga he wanted to keep Light and every interaction he has with Light has rape undertones. Beyond Birthday is implied to be this, with his insanity, sadism, complete obsession with L another man, and it's mentioned he likes to tie people up and is a self described "aggressive top". Mikami only shows interest in Light and obsessively worships his god Light to the point of practically having an orgasm when killing for him with the death note and commits suicide when Light is on his last legs after being shot and denounced as Kira.

Takuma Fudou of Get Backers has a one-sided homoerotic obsession towards Ban. After Ban ripped his arm off, Fudou became totally obsessed with him. He actually kept his own rotting, maggot-infested arm with him just so he can remind himself of Ban - which made him feel "incredible chills rising up throughout his body. Look at me, Takuma Fudou!! Midou's eyes are not on me And then there's how he tells Ban that his mind goes blank whenever he sees him, and he can't remember anything other than trying to make Ban give his body to him and meet his desires.

It's probably worth noting that he also got majorly pissed at both Hevyn and Shido for interfering with his fight with Ban, and for Hevyn gently putting a shirt on the half naked Ban an act which seemed to piss him off to the point where he went berserk.

Another noteworthy scene is during the Birth Arc, where Fudou gets very restless and excited, and feels a great "desire," wondering what it is about this day that he senses is so exciting. It then cuts to Ban sneezing, and exclaiming happily that a big breasted babe must be thinking about or talking about him. As well as an instance where, when Ban wasn't putting up enough of a fight, Fudou started cutting himself up on the chest, screaming at Ban to "make him bleed" and "push him to the edge.

He confesses to Ban that he's happiest when he's fighting him, and that he wishes that they could go on like this forever and ever. And Ban, on the other hand, ended up using up his Evil Eye so that Fudou could have a nice dream before he died, of them continuing to fight. Ban's expression when he gently closed Fudou's eyes was actually pretty emotional and filled with compassion.

He also wants to cause a second Tragedy of Sabrie for kicks, is clearly messed up in the head, is a Death Seeker , and manipulated people into joining a cult that worships the Abyss. Touyama's father in Texhnolyze comes on to Ichise and regularly extorts sexual favors from Touyama. There's a guy in Nononono that tried to rape Nono because he thinks she's a boy.

Football's Most Dangerous Rivalry

Adekan : Matsukichi. He spends time with a young boy because of the boys interest in drawing out his depraved gory fantasies. He states he was fascinated by the sight of a corpse getting picked at by vultures when he was young. He fantasies about killing and "having fun with" young boys with his father having kicked him out of the house because he liked men. He primarily targets young boys for a sexual interest in wanting to bite and eat their meat. Sakura seems to have a Yandere obsession with being the only one who is close to his brother Shinonome and says he is just perfect enough for him to destroy.

He also tries to cut off Shiro's arm in one scene and occasionally flirts with other men like Kojiro before showing his psychotic side. Shinonome is the Southern Troupe's leader. He sees his men begging for forgiveness, dangling over a cliff for their execution. He just callously listens to their pleas and dismisses them, sending them over the edge.

Keep in mind that the group of men he executed for failing him was enough to fill a large fish net. And when another one of his blood brothers protests about the excessive nature of the executions, he squishes that man's head with one arm. He then orders the execution of that man's entire family line straight afterwards. So he's got the insanity part down. In regards to his sexuality, he had a thing with Shiro in the past, who he forcefully made his Sex Slave , and Shiro had to cut his hair to be free of his grip.

Shinonome is then obsessed with finding and laying claim to Shiro. Tamura from Bokura no Hentai becomes this way over the manga. The awkward implications of this trope are lessened as there are sympathetic bisexual characters in the series. Tamura remembering he was sexually abused caused him to have a hypersexual, depressed personality as a teenager.

He's not a villainous character, just a deeply troubled one. Nico of Tokyo Ghoul is an incredibly flamboyant ghoul, and is into very twisted things. He describes an exposed spinal cord as "beautiful", and enjoys ruining people's lives for fun. He considers Yamori punching a hole in his side to be like flirting and says while holding his hand that they should save the rest for when they get home.

Matsuri Washuu is revealed as being this. When his father Yoshitoki dies, he suddenly slips into a speech pattern heavily coded with gay men and loses it while hysterically screaming that he'll kill Marude. Considering the context, this has disturbing implications. He also doesn't give a damn about the lives of other people except Urie and has a Lack of Empathy when it comes to his subordinates deaths. Chapter of re takes this even further where he shreds his own clothes until he's naked in a moment of passion and exclaims that he loves Urie. Then there's his death scene where he goes out fighting naked and thinking his love for Urie will sustain him.

In volume 10's omake he is thinking longingly of Urie, gets naked, and heads into Urie's bed where he is sleeping to cuddle with him or possibly more. He describes it as a "late night rendezvous". Another omake has him calling Urie "cute" and "adorable". Ishida Sui has another comic called "The Penisman" featuring a character even more blatant than Nico and Matsuri: Carnivoreman.

He's a monster with a goth Bishonen appearance. While some monsters in the comic have a thing for female victims, Carnivoreman has a thing for male victims. In particular to those men he takes a liking to he has a fetish for eating them and the narrative describes his cannibalism as being equivalent to sex for him. He's not the only depraved homosexual in the story either. Averted but Invoked in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ; Leeron Littner averts the trope, being one of the nicer characters in fact, but he has invoked the trope twice to scare Gimmy , once to keep him away from some vital computer controls and once to chasten him for mouthing off.

Comic Books. Subverted by the Pied Piper in The Flash. His orientation isn't revealed until he's been established as an Anti-Villain who helps the homeless and has become on fairly good terms with Wally West. Further defied when Wally speculates that the Joker is one of these; Piper is highly skeptical. His henchmen originally kidnapped Martha Washington for rape because she was disguised as a boy.

The Sandman : The Corinthian likes guys. Also, he likes guys' eyes. Whether these two are connected, I am unsure. Either way. He's not particularly camp and the only suggestion outside of the continuation of stories in The Dreaming that he's homosexual usually center around his choice of victims it helps that he takes a distinct relish in despoiling innocence that implies eye-taking is at least as good as sex for him.

Word of God says that he is in fact gay. The infamous "Hulk rape" from Rampaging Hulk. Banner bluffs his way past them but once in the clear his delayed reaction causes him to transform. Shooter supposedly issued an edict while serving as Marvel's editor-in-chief that there were no homosexuals in the Marvel Universe, which makes this story even more problematic. Weirdly subverted when the Rampaging Hulk stories were retconned into being entertainments produced by the alien director Bereet so it didn't "really" happen.

Garth Ennis' The Punisher MAX run had Nicky Cavella, gay mafioso, whose homosexuality is portrayed as the result of being raped by his aunt he still freaks out if a woman touches him , and is manipulated into self-destructive actions by his male lover, Agent Rawlins. Cavella's mental instability, homosexuality, evil, and need to dominate other people are all tied together in his portrayal, to the point where separating them from one another becomes impossible. Irredeemable : Mobeus, the Plutonian's nemesis who it turns out is in love with him.

He expresses this initially by trying to murder any rivals for the Plutonian , along with building sexbots modeled on him. He is the only gay character in the comic to boot. Forget detective work or solving the Kira case-L's true motivation is to get Light in the sack!

Not in a good way. Rowgat from What Lies Beyond the Walls , a sadistic lizard who's rather keen on flirting with male beasts and keeping certain ones as sex slaves. He even goes as far as almost raping Darktail just for the fun of it. Slash Fic "Homecoming" when we see him try to sexually assault Tsuna.

And it's not just to fulfil the Prison Rape trope. It's stated very firmly that he's in prison because he raped men. Sasuke of Naruto sometimes gets this characterization in Slash Fic with Naruto which is best expressed with him sometimes attempting to rape or harassing Naruto. In the Slash Fic "Purple" by kodak for example he attacks and rapes Naruto. Films — Animated. His obsession with Beast and desire to drive off any competition comes across more and more like a jilted lover as the movie goes on. The Nostalgia Chick : "He has this bizarre co-dependent crush on the Beast and just loves him getting emo.

Films — Live-Action. In Nymphomaniac , the only male homosexual in the movie is also a pedophile, while the film's only same-sex relationship is female and quickly turns into a potentially homicidal flavor of Psycho Lesbian. Skyfall features an oddly lisping and bleach blonde Silva menacingly rubbing Bond's thighs.

The most spectacular part of this scene, however, is Bond's reaction. With typical unruffled Bond demeanour, he says, "What makes you think this is my first time? The film did have a disclaimer at the start that the movie was not in any way representative of all gay men, to try to calm the protests that arose after its premiere. Zed, the rapist from Pulp Fiction. Andy Warhol was portrayed in this manner by Guy Pearce! So much so that one reviewer referred to the character as "Andy Warhol, or, as this film wants you to know him, Darth Warhol.

It was intended to be shown in high schools to warn teenage boys about the dangers of gay men. This film has become famous on the internet for lines such as "What Jimmy didn't know was that Ralph was sick. A sickness that was not visible like smallpox, but no less dangerous and contagious — a sickness of the mind.

Alternative Sexualities and Identities in Fantasy and SF Booklist – Mary Anne Mohanraj

You see, Ralph was a homosexual. Even more dissonant is that the way Ralph acts very touchy is not the problem even though today someone who gave young boys a ride and pats on the back would certainly be assumed to be a pedophile or at least creepy instantly. One has to hope that said boyfriend is actually Transgender and that said serial killer is actually bisexual because otherwise At least the pedophile priest seems to be genuinely repentant of his crimes. He did admit to cutting his own balls off after all.

So the "undercurrent of homophobia" in American society that Sacha Baron Cohen was trying to expose mostly comes off as sane people reacting normally to an unbelievably offensive living stereotype. The film really did more harm than good for the gay community. Parodied and subverted in Cecil B. Demented , where sadistic hairdresser Rodney takes his frustration over being heterosexual out on other people by abusing them physically. Any film of the Easter story portrays King Herod thus. As a matter of fact, all records that mention his sexuality present Herod as a raging heterosexual hedonist with several wives and concubines, with the idea of him being gay a slander started by his enemies.

Irreversible has a whole club full of these, one of which is a nasty piece of work called le Tenia, 'the Tapeworm'. Despite his orientation, he's the one who rapes and beats Monica Bellucci 's character, Alex. Wint and Mr. Kidd , are heavily implied to be in a homosexual relationship. Van Damme's henchman Leonard in North by Northwest is subtly this according to Martin Landau, the actor who played him. He's jealous of Eve Kendall's relationship with his boss and says things like "Call it my woman's intuition, if you will".

Bruno Antony, the villain from Strangers on a Train , has overtones of this trope, what with his unusual relationship to his mother and his obessessive attitude toward hero Guy Haines. Hitchcock's Rope is a fictionalized version, with most of the homosexual overtones subtextual ; Tom Kalin's Swoon is more explicit and adheres more literally to the real-life case. The Watcher : David Allen Griffin. The villain of the Walter Matthau film The Laughing Policeman , who is revealed to have committed a series of murders, including spraying dozens of innocent people on a bus with machine gun fire, in order to keep from being outed.

Sebastian in Meet the Feebles isn't exactly a villain and is definitely more sympathetic than a lot of the other characters, but he bullies the cast members, forces Robert to replace the assistant the drugged-up knife-thrower accidentally killed, and thinks nothing of singing an elaborate ode to sodomy, complete with appropriate props and ostentatious pelvic thrusts, on a family-oriented variety show.

In Jeepers Creepers , the Creeper is popularly described as this, since it really only seems interested in male victims, which it has a penchant for acting lewd towards gestures, winking, licking windows, etc. At least one review of the second film described it as "a demonic Jeffrey Dahmer". Stu from Scream seems to be labeled this a lot. Crazy Larry from Layer Cake , who only appears in a flashback set during The '70s , had a penchant for raping and murdering other men. This directly led to his death, as Gene killed him on Jimmy's orders, both men being too disgusted with Crazy Larry's behavior.

Crazy Larry : "Fucking females is for poofs. We're here, we're queer, we're homo-cidal maniacs! Another early example was E. Hornung's Raffles stories. Hornung intended the stories to subvert the glamor of the Gentleman Thief ; Raffles was no Robin Hood in the original stories, just a criminal. The way Raffles is shown relating to Bunny is definitely exploitative and abusive. Hornung was frustrated that his readers insisted on seeing Raffles as glamorous anyhow; his later stories, where he portrayed Raffles more brutally, were less popular.

Cheap danger close games deals

More recent takes on Raffles invariably go the Robin Hood, detective, or other hero route. In Dragon Bones , high king Jakoven is this. He keeps a male lover who was a minor when the king initiated the "relationship", and detests him, but plays along in the hope to get at least a bit influence that he can use to protect his loved ones , and it is hinted that he likes boys. He also kills his wife's lovers to punish her, or out of paranoid fear that they might plot against him.

It is clear that he'd be a horrible person regardless of sexual orientation, but his depravity clearly includes his sex life.

  • Molecular Markers, Natural History and Evolution.
  • Gabriel (Portuguese Edition)!
  • Georgia, süße Georgia (German Edition);
  • The Secrets of Albion Falls (The Secrets Series Book 1).

The novel manages to come off as pretty nuanced with regard to homosexuality in spite of this, partly because the protagonist, Ward, mentions that he is rather fond of Garranon, the king's "favourite", and doesn't hold the homosexuality against him. The fact that there is so much Ho Yay between Ward and another heroic male character that more or less all fanfics ship the two, also helps.

Kavinsky of The Raven Cycle certainly qualifies. Subverted with Ronan Lynch. The women are Psycho Lesbians. Bernard Cornwell portrays precisely three gay characters in the Sharpe series. One, Lord Pumphrey, is a ruthless, Camp Gay secret agent who has Sharpe's ex-lover and unborn child murdered to protect "information that might The other two are a pair of Spanish officers in Chile—the cowardly and deceitful Captain Martinez and the psychotic Captain-General Baptista.

Their relationship and Baptista does not survive Richard Sharpe. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in Dune , aside from his Magnificent Bastard qualities, enjoys raping young male slaves. In particular ones who resemble the protagonist Paul Atreides.