Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, 2013

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In the past decade, Congress has come close to shutting down the government seven times, and actually shut down the government once. The duration and number of continuing resolutions varies by year, creating additional uncertainty for the department. Congress has enacted about 30 continuing resolutions since , and the department has operated under a continuing resolution for approximately a third of that time, the longest lasting for over seven months. During a continuing resolution, DoD cannot move money from one account to another through reprogramming, nor can it start new programs not authorized and appropriated the previous fiscal year.

Any increase in budget authority planned for the new fiscal year is deferred until Congress ends the continuing resolution and appropriates funds for the new fiscal year. This lack of flexibility is debilitating over time. The BCA was an ill-fated bipartisan attempt to reduce the deficit in exchange for an increase in the debt limit. To this end, the act established caps on defense and non-defense discretionary spending. To ensure that Congress would not be tempted to exceed these caps, it established a mechanism called sequester, which, if triggered, would result in an automatic, across-the-board cancellation of approximately 9 percent of the discretionary budget.

The sequestration sword hanging over the head of the defense budget is not reflected in these numbers. The Pentagon does not intend to start sequester budgeting before the summer They hope Congress will somehow reach an escape hatch compromise sometime this year. FY11 levels see data tables in the spreadsheet linked above.

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House passes FY2013 DoD appropriations bill

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Shutdown averted, pay freeze extended as Congress passes funding bill | Federal News Network

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Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2015

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