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In the fourth book of his Generation of Animals , Aristotle states that anyone who does not take after his or her parents is a monstrosity, since in these cases Nature has deviated from the generic type. He cites the first deviation as when female was formed instead of male Garland-Thomson, Extraordinary The definition arranges a somatic diversity into a hierarchy of value that assigns completeness to some bodies and deficiency to others.

Furthermore, by defining femaleness as deviant and maleness as essential, Aristotle initiates the discursive practice of marking what is deemed aberrant while concealing what is privileged behind an assertion of normalcy. Extraordinary The edges of her world blurred until it looked as if she were staring down a foggy tunnel; a wide tunnel, more than adequate for day to day living. So far. For Vicki, her disability is accompanied by great uncertainty. Although her condition may not ultimately lead to complete blindness, it is nonetheless irreversible and incurable, and her response is to feel anger.

In an attempt to reclaim her life and pay her bills , Vicki becomes a private investigator, at first suffering through boring and unchallenging cases. The bodies of the victims have been drained of blood, and so the media begins to report that the killer is a vampire. The nerdy and socially isolated Norman plans to use this demon to wreak vengeance on all those who have taunted and rejected him.

See a Problem?

With her intelligence, perseverance, and courage, Vicki identifies the killer. And with some help from her two romantic suitors, Mike Celluci and Henry Fitzroy, Vicki defeats both Norman and the malevolent forces he has summoned.

Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson

As Vicki begins her new career, she embarks on a journey of personal, professional, and romantic discovery that enables her, despite her literal blindness, to see herself, and the world around her, with more accurate vision. And for four of the eight years they worked together, they were lovers. There are, nonetheless, numerous barriers to Celluci and Vicki recognizing and declaring their mutual affection, in order to reach the betrothal stage that romance fiction requires.

Their complicated relationship is explored, but not resolved, in Blood Price. Thus, Huff provides her heroine with a healthy sexual identity, despite her disability. So you ran away. You took your pail and your shovel and you fucking quit! You walked out on me, Nelson, not just the job! In addition, Celluci proves unable to accept the supernatural aspect of the killings, which further divides him from Vicki.

His character exemplifies the hard-boiled, rational masculinity of the detective novel tradition, and he routinely taunts Vicki for her acceptance of theories that suggest the crimes could be supernatural in origin. But he had. Moreover, he continues to trust in the power of the police force to stop the demon Unlike Celluci, though, Vicki begins to see the world and crime differently, in large part due to her physically altered sight. Prior to her disability, Vicki perceived Celluci as a valued partner, both on-and off-the-force; however, now she acknowledges that he lacks some of her professional and personal abilities and insights.

He also prompts her to forge a new relationship to her disability and to the world around her, as she arrives at a fresh understanding of her own identity. Interestingly, Henry, the four-hundred-and-fifty-year-old vampire who was the bastard child of Henry VIII, is a writer of historical romance novels and a romantic at heart.

Regardless, both versions of Henry are empathic; ready for, and receptive to, the world of feeling, intuition, and emotion—the world that Mike Celluci disdains. Henry is, for example, shorter than Vicki In addition, while her disease makes her unable to see in the dark, Henry is hyper-sensitive to the light. They make good crime solving partners, for their conditions are the yin and yang of disabilities. As with Celluci, Vicki and Henry have a mutual physical attraction.

When Henry is wounded and needs blood to survive, Vicki allows him to drink from her. Yet her inability with Henry to compartmentalize her professional and personal desires enables her to transform. Over the course of the novel, Vicki experiences transformations in her understanding of her disability, of her world, and of new possibilities for romance. She takes on the unsolved murders to prove that, despite her condition, she is a fully functioning member of society As someone who has always worked intuitively 72 , she must learn, now more than ever, to rely on her senses and her gut feelings.

Her cases with Henry strain reason and credulity, as she uncovers what cannot be seen or readily understood, even with the able naked eye. Metaphors involving sight and knowledge appear throughout the text. Though the violence has abated by the end of the novel, the courtship plot has yet to be resolved. Despite his inability to articulate his feelings, Celluci clearly cares for Vicki and visits her in the hospital, where she is recovering.

It is clear to the reader, however, that she no longer feels bound exclusively to Celluci. It smacked too much of an eye for an eye. Whereas Celluci thinks that Norman got what he deserved and is content to hide or deny the supernatural nature of the case, Vicki is less sure about this righting of the scales of justice.

Viking's Prize

She is also unwilling to explain away the supernatural elements of the murder mystery. On the other hand, the end of the narrative also opens the possibility of a romantic union between Henry and Vicki, though readers know their courtship will not be smooth. Did she? I believe in justice. I believe in my friends. I believe in myself. Her belief signals recognition and serves as a form of declaration—a declaration of openness and of romantic potential, perhaps even of eventual betrothal. Rather than reifying stereotypical gender roles, it opens up new possibilities, with both male suitors.

Set in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the narrative links human prejudice against vampires to the history of slavery, racism, sexism, and homophobia in the American South. The law acknowledges that. Garland-Thomson Extraordinary As the novel begins, her parents are already dead, but readers learn that her telepathy had caused fear, confusion, and estrangement in her family:. It embarrassed my father, in particular. As her inability to concentrate limited her opportunities for higher education, she was forced to take menial jobs in order to be financially independent.

Perhaps most troubling to Sookie is her feeling that her telepathy has cut her off from romantic relationships. At twenty-five, she has remained a virgin, because. Can you imagine knowing everything your sex partner is thinking? And during sex, there is simply no way to keep a mental guard up. Although Sam briefly serves as a false suitor in Dead Until Dark , her ability to read his thoughts, as well as her discomfort over complicating their work and personal relationships, leads Sookie to forgo this courtship with a human man.

Although he cannot identify her telepathy, he senses her otherness. With this knowledge, Sookie follows, attacks, and stops the Rattrays. What had been deemed an obstacle to romance—i.

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I did something I ordinarily would never do, because it was pushy, and personal, and revealed I was disabled. I turned fully to him and put my hands on both sides of his white face, and I looked at him intently. I focused with all my energy. It was heaven. Ironically, it is precisely this unknowability that allows her to come to know and understand Bill, through his words and deeds. Now she can both learn from and share with a partner, at their mutual discretion. Now, she must be vulnerable and open, as she cannot rely upon receiving information through her telepathy.

This proves fortunate, for Sookie will need heightened abilities to protect her from a world in which she is under constant threat. For example, Bill introduces Sookie to the worldly, predatory head vampire of the Bon Temps district, Eric. Infuriated, Long Shadow subsequently attacks and nearly kills her. She forces Eric to negotiate new terms for any future telepathic services she may perform for him and she makes him agree to not retaliate against any future disloyal workers Sookie will need this increased autonomous status to fight the series of brutal murders raging through Bon Temps.

In this case, however, the deaths are not ritual, so much as literal; a number of local women, women who have had sexual relationships with vampires, have been found raped and strangled. But Sookie, whose romance with Bill has increased her confidence in herself and in her abilities, embraces her telepathy and tries to use it to clear her brother, by listening in on the thoughts of the residents of Bon Temps. When this method proves futile, Sookie takes refuge at home. She too is a target, since she has had a sexual relationship with Bill; in fact, the killer murders her grandmother in an attempt to get to Sookie.

Using her telepathy, she locates the real murderer, Rene Lenier, and begins probing his thoughts. By delving into his twisted mental processes, she uncovers his motive for the murders—anger toward his sister, Cindy, who dated a vampire—and uses this information to taunt and distract him, until she is able to kill him with his own knife.

Thus, through her understanding and acceptance of her difference, Sookie not only challenges notions of gender and disability, but she solves the mystery, clears her brother, and protects both herself and the townspeople. Whereas in the novel Sookie defeats Rene on her own, in the adaptation both suitors, Sam and Bill, come to her aid. While neither man succeeds in killing Rene, both help Sookie to foil his murderous plot and protect herself. Further, she gains self-acceptance and greater understanding of her own potential.

He glowed in the dark. In these closing lines, Sookie acknowledges that normalcy is no longer her desired state. The creation in both novels of conventionally attractive, young, blonde, shapely heroines, as well as the casting of stars such as Christina Cox Vicki Nelson, Blood Ties and Anna Paquin Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood , reaffirms conventional standards of able-bodied, western ideals of beauty.

And to see it well, needs to be done to overcome the very real and one has to look real close. Seigel confronted with the direct gaze of the male model, juxtaposes a range of descriptive words with her who is visibly struggling to raise his head in order to sensitive portrayal of the head and shoulders of an look at the camera. Performance artist symbol, or stereotype. In E. Multiple genres and styles essentialist, singular, or even definitive categories within certain mediums such as painting and drawing regarding gender, racial, or sexual identities.

Unlike film, which establishes the gaze advertising. Mulvey expanded upon of modern surveillance. For America Irwin-2 from her Meet Mr. America Mulvey, women are depicted as sexual objects photographic series. As her fictional persona Roberta intended for the male gaze, as spectacle, and as Breitmore Hershman met men who had answered icons.

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  2. Tanya Chapters 26-28;
  3. His Distraction.
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  5. Tamarra Kaida overtly encounters. Such photography. Indeed, some works in the exhibition scientia sexualis. Toffic alludes to a Juana Alicia with her striking painting, The War scientific gaze that predates modern science—the Voyeurs With The Collector Toffic Her depiction of an Iraqi woman returning the spoofs traditional cabinets of curiosities with a gaze of American soldiers captures what has usually tongue-in-cheek collection of penis specimens. Juana Alicia deconstructs male imperialist and Given that cabinets of curiosities were also found in militaristic gazes by reflecting them back through the ethnographic and anthropological museums, the eyes of the Iraqi woman.

    I leave aside Marthageorge Washington and Dollyjames feminist debates over the utility of classic Madison Sheila Winner with exhibition. Christina Renfer Vogel accentuate alluring qualities of the male torso scrutinizes family resemblances between her male and chest. Lynda A. Men are depicted as objects of symmetry between between convex and concave desire, fantasy figures, lovers, partners, and forms as well as between light and dark shadows. The erotic gaze— use the vernacular—as one hot piece of ass. Could it irrespective of sexual preference—with its be that those pinchable butt cheeks have something scopophilliac pleasures often leads to voyeurism.

    In to do with it? The visual display of subtle critique to biting satire. Segall goes one step further in array of drawn penises in 9 Cocks seems Penises and Tallises Thou Shalt Put No Gods Before innocent enough—until the viewer starts making Me , juxtaposing the penis-as-phallus with the comparisons. Michelle Lopez offers close up views symbolic law of the Father Jewish law. In so doing of penises and scrotums with her black and white she locates the source of male phallic power and photographs without much commentary.

    With superiority within the sanctions of religion. The singularity of such an image, I think, speaks volumes. Such close observations allude to, as well as BVDs Unimpressed by either the Contentment and Agreement appear length or girth of a penis, Stephens provides a as luscious rosy fruit sprouting in thickets. Jewels The most with stone pillars carved in the shape of Caryaid prominent example of intertextuality in the maidens in her photograph, Men as Table The Origin of the World. Oil on canvas.

    The Origin of War. Aluminum-backed Cibachrome. Lacan is famous painting Benefits Supervisor Sleeping , shown to have been quite the male pin-up while with an equally rotund older man. Given that holding a Freudian cigar. Jenny Wrenn relational term, one that only has meaning in references gay male porn imagery with her painting relation to the concept of femininity. Adoration in the prospective suitors.

    Connell suggests that it is much more improvisation that passes for the real. In effect, Connell intention and dignity. Jan Wurm seems to affirm express male heterosexuality. By referring to corporal styling. Such knowledge is often the result these iconic heads as self-portraits, Grossman of looking closely at men and their behaviors, which suggests that masculine qualities conventionally is why performance, perhaps more than any other attributed to men—such as aggression, strength, art medium, can be used as a feminist strategy to cruelty, and sadism—can be expressed by everyone.

    For Halberstam devotes a chapter on lesbian drag king example, queer performance artist Tania Hammidi performance to make her case. Man as Object: celebrates her self-fashioned female masculinity in Reversing the Gaze includes performative her glamorous photographic self-portrait, Look photographs and video performances of female Figure 5.

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    Nancy Grossman b. Leather, wood, porcelain and hardware. Erotic art, on the other hand, is Erika Swinson documents the process of how quickly traditionally much less bold and somewhat and easily the female body can be modified to less commercial. Because it is committed to appear masculine. All a girl needs is some duct tape the ideals of an art which is supposed to eye pencil, socks, boxers, and a good suit.

    Swinson beyond commodification and to reside then performs male rituals such as shaving, reading within the rational limits of good taste, it a newspaper, and smoking a cigar. Or a and pornography is undeniable. For example, we woman artist? By destabilizing Seated Chelsea Tapes , the video she made with her then partner now husband and art collaborator Images of male autoeroticism abound in the Paul Lamarre, documents male masturbation as part exhibition, perhaps as the ultimate form of of an artistic collaboration as well as sexual contemporary American individualism—what Robert connection.

    In all functions in pornography primarily as a fetish for of these works, the viewers are positioned as vo- men. Second, M. What threw me entirely for a Ode to Fritz Lang Redux is a testament of how loop was to see how within these images men seem mediated eroticism and sexuality have become—a blissfully unaware of the viewer or their point that Shilo McCabe also makes vividly with her surroundings. I wondered: must images of men photograph Damani. Do these images reflect a society that is between erotic and the pornographic have become increasingly isolated and alienated from others, blurred.

    By happenstance this exhibition can be considered extremely timely. Are women artists intentionally choosing not to Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York tweeted represent them as artistic expressions of feminist a crotch shot, apparently by mistake, which resistance, critique and empowerment? Could it be ultimately resulted in even more intimate and that women artists simply do not find the actual explicit photos being released that led to his bodies of white men who wear suits all that reluctant and teary-eyed resignation. These compelling aesthetically, let alone erotically examples and others think John Edwards and New appealing?

    In the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, perhaps the biggest shocker was that this news did not become public earlier. Perhaps men like these can learn from our exhibition, to see how women view them. Is it at all astonishing that no image of an actual white male politician in a suit was submitted to the exhibition?

    Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard New York: Harry N. Abrams, ,

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