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To be well ribbed back is to give strength at the sacrifice of speed, to create not a fast but a cobby dog. The Dandie Dinmont and the pug should be well ribbed back, but they are not built for speed, and any dog to be fast must be more or less up in the flank after the manner of a greyhound , not with deep back ribs like a mastiff.

Breed Characteristics:

The front ribs should be rather deep than round and well sprung, implies roundness and that carries with it a wide chest. That formation makes a dog slow, and if we have the deep chest with the round ribs, we have this intensified. In my opinion the ribs should come well out from their insertion, and show a very slight curve in their descent, the dog appearing by comparison with a Dandie Dinmont to be flat sided, whereas well sprung ribs would give a barrel shape, and this is inconsistent with other points; the head, for instance, which in this breed is long, and all fast dogs are long in the head and deep but not wide in the chest and more or less cut up in the flank, and the latter point is inconsistent with deep back ribs.

The subject of our illustration is Spuds, a celebrated bitch that has won many prizes and served as a model for breeders, although now equalled, if not outstripped, by younger ones.

Breed Information

The descriptive points, drawn up by Mr. Ridgway and endorsed by signatures of twenty-four other breeders, are as follow:. Long and rather pointed, but strong in make, with good black nose, and free from loose flesh and chop.

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When uncut, small and filbert shaped, and lying close to head, colour of which is sometimes darker than rest of body, hair on ears short and free from fringe. Moderately long, well set from shoulders, with plenty of bone and muscle, must be perfectly straight, and covered, like the ears and head, with a similar texture of coat as the body, but not quite so long. Strong, tolerably round, with toes well split up; most pure specimens have black toe nails. Moderately long, with ribs well sprung; loin and back should show great strength, and all well knit together.

  • Vital Stats:;
  • Description.
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  • Must be hard, rough, and wiry, in decided contradistinction to softness, shaggyness, silkyness, and all parts perfectly free from rock or curl. Hair on head and legs not quite so long as rest of body. Colour most desired is red, and the brighter the colour the better, next in order, wheaten or yellow, and grey, but brindle is to be objected to, thereby showing intermixture of the bull breed.

    Weight of good working Irish terrier varies from b. Krehl's bitch Blarney: Weight, b. Carey's bitch Colleen Dhas: Weight, b. Despard's Jaque: Age, 1 year 4 months; weight, 16lb. Despard's Kitty: Age, 1 year 4 months; weight, b. Carey's dog Nabocklish: Weight, b.

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