The Day the Preacher Was Silenced

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Additionally, if fear is keeping us from sharing the gospel with others, this too is an example of our silence being more detrimental than helpful. Sharing the gospel displays that we are not ashamed of the cross. So how are we to speak? And what do we speak of? We are to speak truth in love Ephesians and put away falsehood Ephesians We are to speak the truth in Christ and not lie Romans And when we speak in godly clarity and truth, we are teaching and admonishing one another with wisdom Colossians How easy is it for our flesh to dominate an argument?

Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. Keeping from slander, gossip, deceit, evil, perversity, quarreling, and lying sounds like a long list of obvious commands.

Phoenix LGBT flash mob silences bigoted preachers with "Born This Way"

But we must know that our words can feel like sword thrusts Proverbs , sharp razors Psalm , and fire James We are to make every prayerful effort not to speak of twisted theology or unbiblical opinion, which could potentially draw believers away from the truth Acts I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

Judgment for our words sounds frightening, but not for those saved by Jesus Christ. Our sinful nature will cause us to fail, but we can rejoice in the truth that Christ has fulfilled every commandment to love God and others. In his great mercy, grace, and love, he gives believers the power to be effective.

Meredith Hodge lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband Matt. She is a freelance writer and editor who loves coffee, spending time in nature, cooking, reading, and serving others in ministry.

The Day the preacher was silenced

Meredith blogs about living for Christ in faith-led freedom and grace-filled growth. Follow her blog at It's Positive! Happy Fourth of July! Here are 5 Key Connections from recent Christian articles around the web, including one on true liberty and one on freedom from evil. What Is True Liberty? Gene Edward Veith, Ligonier Ministries Jesus, through the power of His sacrificial death and resurrection, frees sinners from the Joseph was loved and favored by the Almighty God.

God spoke to Joseph in a very special way, through his dreams. Now it's important to remember, throughout the Bible there is progress in the way that God communicates with His people. Self-focus is in our DNA. The boiling pot of a sinful heart releases the vapor of selfishness that animates us every hour of our lives.

But our attention to and ambition for ourselves is dangerous: For where jealousy June 4, happened to be the day they scheduled for that district. Which is why it is outrageous that he was arrested. The entire time of preaching was livestreamed via Facebook and can be found on YouTube.

The Silence (and Silencing) of the Clergy

The more love he poured out, the more hate and resistance he received. As anyone can see if they view the video, Pastor Lynn was respectful and kind throughout all of his time preaching. He proceeded to ask those protesting him if they would be willing to tolerate him as a Christian.

But those listening were unwilling to dialogue, and many asked him to leave the street corner. Throughout the encounter he was very calm and collected, not entering into any disrespectful or condemnatory dialogue.

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Canada does have hate speech laws. However, there is no way that his preaching could be deemed as hate-speech. Every heterosexual has sin. Every homosexual has sin. Sin is when we violate the laws of God…. Though he was very loving throughout the entire encounter, tensions escalated, and people began to form a mob of protest around him. As he tried to walk away from the most adamant protesters, they crowded in on him and would not let him move.

All throughout the encounter, as he tried to walk away from them, they pressed in on him and blocked him. At times, they even pressed their bodies against him, which in technicality is assault. When the police arrived, rather than dealing with those that were assaulting Pastor Lynn, the police blamed Lynn for creating a disturbance of peace.

Even upon his request to deal with those who had assaulted him, the police would not listen to him. Pastor Lynn, preaches on a weekly basis all throughout Toronto with amplification and, according to his statements, he has never been in violation of the law by using amplification.

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In the video that captured the entirety of the event, the officers told him that he needed to preach without amplification. They said this despite him not being in any violation of the law. He then proceeded to preach without amplification, but not long after, the officers decided to arrest him.

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There is hope for you. Jesus died for you. We must understand the importance of this event. It is a gross violation against free speech, and it shows any Christian a precursor of what persecution could look like in the future. Here in North America, we are in a serious battle for rights that we have taken for granted.